Nita Sanger and Gabrielle Clowdus Interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis

Nita Sanger, CEO of Idea Innovate Consulting

Nita Sanger, CEO of Idea Innovate Consulting

Gabrielle Clowdus, CEO and co-founder of Settled

Gabrielle Clowdus, CEO and co-founder of Settled

Nita Sanger, CEO of Idea Innovate Consulting. Gabrielle Clowdus, CEO and co-founder of Settled.

People are not homeless because they don’t have a house. They aren’t houseless, they are homeless. They don’t have the feeling of a real home […]”

— Gabrielle Clowdus, CEO and co-founder of Settled

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Nita Sanger, CEO of Idea Innovate Consulting
This may be obvious to you, but it is not intuitive to many people. Can you articulate to our readers five ways that increased diversity can help a company’s bottom line? (Please share a story or example for each.)

Studies have shown that diversity can help a company’s top and bottom line in the following ways:

Improves overall business performance — According to a 2020 McKinsey study, firms that have gender and ethnic diversity at the C-suite and Board level tend to outperform their less diverse peers, by 25% to 35%. Also, by having a diverse leadership team, the C-suite is setting the “tone-at-the-top” regarding the importance of diversity to the business.
Has higher market penetration in new markets — Studies have shown that businesses that have a diverse product development and marketing team can improve their market penetration of new products and services by up to 70%. A diverse team introduces the potential to reach new demographics in ways that may not have come to light with a homogenous group at the helm, as the team is more likely to relate to a particular audience’s wants, needs and pain points.
Resonates better with customers and investors– Increasingly, customer and investors want to do business with firms that are diverse and reflect the makeup of the community in which they operate. For e.g., private equity firms that were white male dominated are being pushed by their investors to have more gender and ethnic diversity in their own firms and to invest in firms with diverse founders. Law firms, which tend to predominantly have older, white male partners, are being pushed by their corporate legal department buyers, to have more diverse legal teams and are penalizing those law firms that are less diverse.
Increases innovation — Having a diverse team that brings together people from dissimilar walks of life who approach the world from a wide range of perspectives provides the company with unique intellectual capital. Listening to the viewpoints of those who have had different experiences enables richer brainstorming sessions, which fosters outside-the-box thinking and higher levels of creativity. These sessions in turn could lead to an idea or invention that will help a corporation distinguish itself from its competitors and become more successful.
Attracts better talent — Talent is going to be the single differentiating factor between successful and less successful companies. Companies that have ethnic, gender and age diversity appeal to a broader spectrum of job seekers, giving those companies a better chance at attracting top talent. Today’s companies are in a fierce competition for the best employees and are always looking for ways to draw them in. Diverse companies appeal to a diverse workforce and have a distinct advantage over companies that do not have a healthy percentage of women and people of color and varying ages on staff. When recruiting, businesses that source candidates from a diverse base are more likely to hire people with diverse characteristics.

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Gabrielle Clowdus, CEO and co-founder of Settled
Can you share three things that the community and society can do to help you address the root of this crisis? Can you give some examples?

Keep things in your car and bag in anticipation of coming across someone homeless. Looking them in the eye, ask their name and let them know you were thinking about them and planning for this interaction. Then speak from your heart. I often say, “I’m so sorry you’re here and I believe it will get better for you. I will be thinking of you and praying for you!”
Sponsor a home or plant a Sacred Settlement — Talk with your faith community about using their land for the greatest good — to plant a Sacred Settlement with the support of other business and faith communities in the area. Or, supporting another Sacred Settlement by sponsoring a home and investing long term in making sure that settlement thrives through community events, meals, and service projects.
Education & Outreach — read and watch the hand selected resources we have on our site. Learn in community (either with your family, friends, or church) and the true causes of homelessness, addiction, and mental illness — and relationship, long-term responses! Join local outreach teams to meet with people on the streets regularly. Get to know the poor in your community by face, by name, by story. Take them a meal and share it over conversation. Take the time to invest in relationships! It is relationships that lead to change.

The full interview is available here

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