New Sensor Technology for Displacement and Position Sensing From ElastiSense, a Danish entrepreneur company

New DS-Series displacement sensors for industrial applications

New sensor technology capable of performing in the harshest of environments.

AABENRAA, DENMARK, April 7, 2021 / — NEW ground-breaking sensor technology from Danish entrepreneur company ElastiSense

After years of research and development, innovative Danish entrepreneur company ElastiSense now introduces a unique technology for position and displacement sensing. The technology has been developed in cooperation with key customers and is entirely based on its ability to provide value to industrial applications in settings and environments where position sensing has traditionally been difficult and expensive. Furthermore, ElastiSense have had Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT trends in mind during the whole development process, to accommodate the need for future-proof solutions ready for the future of industrial applications. The result is a technology capable of providing data in any given form to the control system of any given application. This makes monitoring and automation easy and efficient.

The technology is introduced in the new DS-Series displacement sensors from ElastiSense and is created with the purpose of providing customers with the opportunity to monitor their applications reliably and accurately, securing predictive maintenance and a significant reduction or complete elimination of unexpected and expensive downtime. The technology is built for harsh environments, both indoor and outdoor as well as for aggressive applications where shock, vibration, unpredictable movement, and misalignment occur.

The DS-Series displacement sensors
Thanks to the unique design of the DS-Series sensors they can monitor applications where alternative solutions fail. What makes them truly unique, is their solid-state characteristics in combination with an extremely strong and durable high-grade silicon rubber encapsulation. The sensing element inside is an equally unique hyper-elastic high-strain rubber strain-gauge capable of 100% strain, enabling the use of the sensor for accurate position and displacement measurement even in the presence of misalignment. The sensor is built to hold, and the high-grade silicon rubber encapsulation makes sure that it even tolerates harsh environments, both in tough indoor industrial processes and in outdoor applications operating in all kinds of weather and exposed to mud, sand, dirt, dust, water, extreme heat or cold or even saltwater in offshore applications. To make the product complete, the electronics are integrated, to make them just as weather- and environment proof as the rest of the sensor.

Industrial applications
The ElastiSense technology can potentially ad value in all thinkable industrial application, but primarily shines in environments and settings where other position and displacement sensors fail. The technology has shown very promising results in applications within, Structural Health Monitoring, Off-Road Machinery, and Factory Automation which all have in common that they typically operate in harsh and unpredictable environments. Competing technology such as non-contact sensors and cylinder-based sensors, will typically fail here, because of factors such as misalignment, shock, vibration, or weather-related obstacles including heavy rain, snow, wind, extreme heat or extreme cold.

DS-Series sensors can even endure shifting temperatures, drastic changes in weather, and even saltwater environments, making them very applicable for engineering structures such as bridges, where monitoring can ad safety and the option of predictive maintenance.

In Off road machinery, monitoring and predictive maintenance can reduce or even completely remove unexpected downtime, making the applications far more efficient and profitable. These machines often operate in very rough and dirty environments making it impossible for traditional sensors to operate efficiently. The DS-Series technology is built for just that, and simply built to hold!

In Factory automation, shock, vibration, and misalignment is an issue that often causes traditional sensors to fail, but again the DS-Series technology from ElastiSense steps in where others fail. The biggest advantage here is that it is extremely easy to install and integrate with existing control systems and, on top of that, it requires no maintenance or cleaning at all. That makes installation and use of the sensors, far more cost-efficient than traditional solutions. To top it off, DS-Series sensors are built to hold, so there will be no time wasted on replacing the sensor.

These are just three relevant application areas where ElastiSense technology can ad value, but the sky is the limit and there are virtually no limits to the use of the DS-Series sensors. The sensors are available in several variants and can potentially be tailor made to fit any given application on request.

At ElastiSense we obviously want everybody to benefit from this technology as soon as possible, so to speed up the process of getting the technology out there, we have produced several sensors that we are willing to give away for free trials. Check it out on our website

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