New LPG Almanac Virtual Data Room Product Available Now

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, April 7, 2021 / —

Introducing the LPG Almanac Virtual Data Room,

Sulpetro Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the LPG Almanac Virtual Data Room. This interactive data streaming experience is a powerful energy data solution to access Sulpetro’s data ecosystem anytime, anywhere.

The LPG Almanac Virtual Data Room, a web-based application, allows users to quickly visualize key Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) market regions by basin and filter, aggregate, and regionalize infrastructure. Access up to 20 years of annual production volumes data for market analysis, competitor analysis, and infrastructure projects economics.

This extensive and comprehensive data technology provides personalized knowledge-sharing solutions with GIS mapping data visualization features and query, search, filtering functionality for all your market intelligence needs. Conveniently download customizable data queries into statistical software tools.

“NGL market analysts don’t need to be data experts. They need to be NGL market experts,” says Charlotte Kingsford, Sulpetro’s Chief Data Officer. “At Sulpetro, we don’t want to tell our users how to interpret the NGL market; we want to provide high-quality data and easy-to-use tools so they can unlock the market story for themselves. The LPG Almanac Virtual Data Room brings to life our extensive North American NGL industry data through an easy-to-use web-based application.”

Dedicated to serving their clients, Sulpetro also offers consulting services, delivering custom-tailored analytical services upon request. Working collaboratively with your team, they empower your organization in making market decisions with the highest business value. Their in-house staff has extensive expertise in market studies, econometric analysis, competitor analysis, and decision-support tools to assist your business development team.

Sulpetro is a data firm specializing in high-quality energy industry table stock data. Serving the natural gas sector since 1983, they produce the most comprehensive North American Natural Gas Liquids dataset available in the oil & gas marketplace, including the Natural-Gas-Liquids (NGL) Supply Yearbook and the Liquids-Petroleum-Gas (LPG) Almanac. Their data provide market insights to guide your organization in making intelligent decisions delivering the highest business value using their proprietary gas-liquids supply database. Together their team brings more than 50 years of oil and gas experience and market intelligence to their clients.

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