New International Construction Industry Podcast, Constructive Voices, Features Irish TV Builder and Top Journalists

Constructive Voices Podcast launch audience feedback

Constructive Voices Podcast launch audience feedback

Jennie Armstrong health in the construction industry

Jennie Armstrong health in the construction industry

plastic in paint Changing Streams

plastic in paint Changing Streams

Constructive Voices presents expert interviews on hot topics with top reporter, Henry McDonald, TV builder, Peter Finn, hosts Steve Randall and Matt Banks.

We are at a crucial time in our history. A time of great change – a crossroads. It is up to us which turn we choose to take. Constructive Voices will shine a light on the hot topics that count.”

— Jackie De Burca

LONDON, OTHER, UNITED KINGDOM, April 8, 2021 / — Launched on 6th April 2021, Constructive Voices is the construction industry’s new magazine-style podcast which aims to share great stories and interviews from the construction industry.

Topics include but are not limited to mental and physical health, investigating organisations that are ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainability, collaboration and team building, and initiatives that do social good.

The Constructive Voices crew also have their eyes and ears alert for cutting edge technologies and new updates on the industry’s economy and outlook.

Media veteran and producer, Jackie De Burca said, “In a crucial time in history with a raging pandemic, rapid climate change, the fallout from Brexit and an ageing workforce, the construction industry is posed with a number of challenges but also with some opportunities.

The Constructive Voices podcast is on a mission to address these issues with the best in investigative journalism and expert industry interviews.”

The eclectic team includes Henry McDonald, who writes for The Sunday Times and is recently retired from The Guardian and Observer, Peter Finn, the Irish builder who stars currently on Home Rescue on RTE, Steve Randall, radio presenter and podcast training, Matt Banks, journalist and PR, and Jackie De Burca, author, podcast host and creative consultant.

The launch episode features an insightful interview with Michael Bryant of Biosite Systems, who was featured as a Highly Commended Rising Star, in November 2020. He speaks to the presenter, Matt Banks, about how biometric technology can help your business, especially during the pandemic.

Henry McDonald investigates aggregates and how they can be used as an economic indicator for the construction industry in an interview with the editor of Aggregates Business, Guy Woodford. Peter Finn, the TV builder, talks about how a “normal” builder like him ended up on television.

Future episodes delve into both mental and physical health in the construction industry along with lots of other hot topics, such as employing ex-offenders and getting the plastic use drastically reduced or ideally down to zero!

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The first episode is sponsored by the scaffold towers manufacturer, Lewis Access and the UK insurance family brokerage, Townsend Insurance.

Collaborate With Constructive Voices

There are a number of ways that you can collaborate with Constructive Voices. The production team are open to new experts and suggested topics.

To discover more email the show’s producer:

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