Music Got Me Here Screening Free for Brain Injury Awareness Month

Music Got Me Here

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First Run Features Presents
A documentary about the power of music in healing brain injuries

Available On Demand and free to Non-profits to highlight
Brain Injury Awareness Month

The documentary chronicles a teenage snowboarder’s journey from a life-threatening traumatic brain injury to recovery through music therapy Password: MusicPower

Los Angeles, CA (March 2021) — First Run Features releases Music Got me Here, the documentary from Emmy and Peabody award-winning director Susan Koch. The documentary is available On Demand and free to non-profit organizations for the education and rehabilitation of brain injuries. There are 2.8 million Americans treated for brain injury each year. Music therapy has been proven to improve brain function and be an important tool in rehabilitation.

Music Got Me Here follows the against-all-odds, true-life journey of Forrest Allen, in a story of the power of music to heal and transform lives, often in miraculous ways.

A snowboarding accident leaves Forrest, age 18, trapped inside himself, and unable to speak or walk for almost two years. Tom Sweitzer, an eccentric music therapist with a troubled childhood who credits music with saving his own life, is determined to help Forrest find his voice.

Winner of the Best Social Impact Award at the 2020 Greenwich International Film Festival, Music Got Me Here was filmed over the course of five years and features interviews with renowned soprano and music therapy advocate Renee Fleming and National Institute of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins.

Director Susan Koch explains, “It’s my hope that this film not only shows the power of music to heal and transform lives, but inspires others to believe in the seemingly impossible. Forrest’s journey is about music and healing, but it’s also about faith and family, resilience, and overcoming life’s greatest challenges.”

Ancient philosophers, including Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, recognized and wrote about the tremendous power of music. But it’s only recently that neuroscientists, using advanced magnetic resonance imaging, have been able to go beyond the anecdotal – and actually document the powerful pathways that exist between music and the brain. Music therapy has the potential to improve the lives of those dealing with some of life’s most serious challenges including traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer’s, autism, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, mental health issues, PTSD, stroke recovery, pain management, and opioid addiction. National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, featured in the film, describes today as “a golden moment” for neuroscientists exploring the music-brain connections. Forrest’s dramatic story shows what’s possible — and offers hope and inspiration for countless others.

Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmaker Susan Koch’s films and non-fiction television shows have appeared on ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO, Showtime, MTV, ESPN, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CNN, and American Movie Classics. Koch’s documentary Kicking It, about homeless soccer players who compete in an international tournament, premiered at the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals and was broadcast on ESPN. Koch’s other films include the award-winning documentaries Reel Models: First Women of Film (AMC), Mario’s Story (Showtime), City at Peace (HBO) and The Other City (Showtime). Koch is the Executive Director of the Middleburg Film Festival, located in Middleburg, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C.

MUSIC GOT ME HERE is Directed and Written by Susan Koch. Produced by J. Wendy Thompson-Marquez. Executive Producers are Gary Mather & Christina Co Mather, Teresa Wheeler, Lysa Burke Hutton, Zak Kilberg, Jon Levin and Irwin Winkler. Music by Stephen Endelman. Director of Photography is Neil Barrett. Edited by Georgia Koch. Featuring Forrest Allen, Tom Sweitzer, Rae Stone, Kent Allen, Austin Allen, Renee Fleming, and Dr. Francis Collins.


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