Modernizing Online Shopping: How Uptok’s Revolutionary Software Creates a Concierge-Like Shopping Experience

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Video Chat Software for Ecommerce

Video Chat Software for Ecommerce

Personalized Online Shopping

Personalized Online Shopping

The One-of-a-Kind Video Chat Software Enables A Personal, Remote, Direct to Consumer Shopping Experience

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / — In the past year, interpersonal communication and human interaction has become scarce. While online shopping continues to boom, consumers are continually faced with friction in their shopping experience as the e-commerce space becomes saturated. Uptok, the world’s leading video chat software designed for online businesses, is dedicated to changing the face of online shopping and sales through strategic consumer guidance. Redefining the modern shopping experience, Uptok allows one-on-one interaction between potential customers and sales agents to provide real-time answers to each burning question and clarify customer needs. Don’t be surprised if a real sales agent provides a warm welcome in any upcoming online shopping experiences.

Customer’s need transparency in each and every shopping experience, especially when it comes to high ticket items. Shoppers want to know that their purchase will benefit their life, they want answers to their questions, and they want established trust from the store they purchase from. Top-tier marketing, in-depth FAQ’s, and bot integrations are great; but ultimately lack the emotional intelligence that humans excel in to provide an unparalleled shopping experience that integrates professional insight on customer problems to find a personalized solution as a concierge would.

To reduce friction, Uptok has created an innovative solution that duplicates the in-store experience, in a remote format. A catalyst in redefining the modern shopper’s experience, Uptok allows consumers to connect with sales agents in real-time, allowing face-to-face video interactions that provide that needed clarity, and trust.

Unlike any other platform on the market, this highly sophisticated algorithm pairs salespeople with shoppers who have the highest intent to purchase; creating a remote 1:1 shopping assistance experience that reaps yields immense returns. Businesses can now turn intrigued prospects into devoted customers by bringing the human element back into the shopping experience, and flipping the traditional idea of e-commerce on its head. 

“Ultimately, the best digital experience is a human experience. We need eye-contact to establish trust with the shopper and we need to unmask our smiles to inspire them to buy.”
– Kashif Zaman, Founder & CEO

As the world prepares for the ultimate comeback, Uptok is providing an innovative head-start for online businesses to increase their conversion rate, average order value, and cultivation meaningful relationships that turn prospective buyers, into returning fans. Uptok is proud to announce the launch of their REOPEN program, dedicated to creating 1000 jobs in 100 days through interpersonal communication efforts.

Through proof of concept, dedication to digital innovations, and unwavering commitment to supporting American businesses in unprecedented times; Uptok’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with their 1000 jobs in 100 days initiative. For 100 days this revolutionary software will be available free of charge to businesses who due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had to let go of their sales employees.

To learn more about Uptok, or apply for the REOPEN program, please visit:

About Uptok

Uptok is the world’s leading video chat software, specifically designed for online businesses. Founded in 2020 Uptok is a remote direct-to-consumer sales software that allows e-commerce stores to engage in real-time video chats with prospective buyers to mitigate any barriers to purchase, answer questions, and create an unforgettable shopping experience. A true game-changer for the future of remote shopping platforms, Uptok brings the friendly smile and personal touch back into the shopping experience that was lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementing a sophisticated algorithm to match sales team members with the most active shoppers on a given website, Uptok is the most practical technology integrates real people to create real conversions and maximize the customer experience.


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