MINNIM Software Continues to Drive Scriptless Test Automation Forward with Alchemy 2.0

With the release of Alchemy 2.0, MINNIM Software continues to drive forward scriptless/codeless test automation.With Alchemy 2.0, we have created a simple, codeless solution that is incredibly simple to use for users of any experience level but also offers an expert mode for advanced developers.”— Allen Geary, Chief ArchitectPITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Through a continued commitment to evolving the landscape of scriptless test automation, MINNIM Software has further enhanced the Alchemy Test Platform with the release of Alchemy 2.0. Thanks to a combination of strategic development foresight and applied customer feedback, several enhancements have been added to an already forward-thinking codeless automation solution. UI workflow improvements allow end-users to create a new test suite and have their first test created and running within minutes. Also, end-users now can define a new language template enabling the ability to export test cases into any imaginable language.

With Selenium, for example, users can cut the learning curve down by 95% by using MINNIM Alchemy 2.0 to generate code. With a simple drag and drop interface, users can create tests that run in parallel across browsers. If an organization decides to move away from Selenium, or perhaps uses a hybrid automation tool stack, Alchemy 2.0 also provides language-agnostic future-proofing capabilities. With the simple click of a button, users can generate tests in other languages without changing the existing test case in Alchemy 2.0.

“With Alchemy 2.0, we have created a simple, codeless solution that is incredibly simple to use for users of any experience level but also offers an expert mode for advanced developers. Either way, we have provided a solution that enables the creation of tests exportable to any language.” – Allen Geary, MINNIM Chief Architect

Combined with rich reporting, root cause analysis, requirements mapping, and coverage reporting, users of all disciplines can use Alchemy 2.0 to create, maintain, and understand an automation project. With the core product in place, we continue to add support for new features and functionality

In short, optimum simplicity is the driving force behind the methodology of Alchemy 2.0. We are delivering a new generation of scriptless automation that drastically simplifies the foundation of test automation and makes it exponentially more compelling for our users.

If you are interested in using Alchemy 2.0, you can sign up to use the 90 day Community edition license at no cost and with no obligation. In fact, for those interested in using the license for more than 90 days, there is a reference, referral, and review program available. This program allows continued free access to the Community Edition license for extended use.

Sign up for the Community Edition here.

Though MINNIM is new, we are not. We have been providing software solutions in test automation since the 90’s. Through the decades of working with test automation solutions, we have seen organizations trapped by overly complex automation tools that are a nightmare to maintain, difficult to use, and that carry extremely high entry costs coupled with exorbitant ongoing total costs of ownership. In that scenario, the OEM wins. In response, we have chosen to develop and deliver a solution in which we bear the complexity, allowing the users to utilize streamlined automation, simplicity of use, and minimal upfront or ongoing cost. In our scenario, the user wins.

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