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A2 organic ghee by Milkio Foods

A2 organic ghee by Milkio Foods

Milkio organic grass-fed ghee clarified butter is now available on Etsy and eBay. It is an added convenience for US ghee enthusiasts and Keto diet followers.

The practice of consuming organic ghee butter in the US audience can help add natural immunity to the body.”

— Milkio Foods

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2021 / — Milkio Cultured organic grass-fed ghee and A2 Organic grass-fed ghee are now available on Etsy and eBay. It is a new and significant expansion of Milkio Foods in their business development in the USA. Milkio Foods Limited is based in New Zealand. Besides manufacturing grass-fed ghee products, Milkio exports grass-fed ghee in 15 countries all across the globe.

Milkio organic grass-fed ghee is prepared from 100% grass-fed cow milk fat. It is a natural product without synthetic color, flavor, and preservatives: the product purity of Milkio ghee is certified by the USDA. Milkio organic ghee butter is a non-GMO product and certified organic dairy staple endorsed by BioGro, New Zealand.
Besides the worldwide acceptance of Milkio ghee as a dairy cooking oil for its high smoke point, the dairy product is wonderfully storage-friendly. You can store Milkio organic grass-fed ghee for 12-18 months, from the manufacturing date, at your room temperature without refrigeration support.

What makes Milkio organic frass-fed exceptional is its creamy texture, unique nutty aroma, pure golden yellow color, and nutrients. This keto-friendly dairy fat is heart-friendly because of fat-soluble vitamins like A, K, E, and D and some potential antioxidants. Milkio organic clarified butter contains a good amount of butyrate. It is a short-chain fatty acid. It stands responsible for the natural laxative quality of Milkio organic ghee clarified butter, making it a natural remedy for healthy gut maintenance.

Milkio grass-fed ghee s a healthy butter alternative. Consumers can use it as a healthy spread on their morning toast or a tasty seasoning for chicken salad. Milkio Foods has declared that Milkio grass-fed clarified butter is versatile and can go well with a vegan diet.

According to the Milkio Foods spokesperson, “the practice of consuming organic ghee butter in the US audience can help add natural immunity in the body.” Besides enjoying constipation cure, having a better success rate in weight management programs, detoxification of digestive system, improvement of hair and skin health are the other significant organic ghee benefits.

Recently, Rafael Avila, Director of Research and Development at Nature’s Plus, has opined that “more we get aware about the threats of consuming moderately hydrogenated oils, the more healthful ghee spread will look.”

Milkio organic grass-fed ghee will offer all the ghee benefits like a better butter.

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Milkio’s Ghee Range:
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2. Grass-Fed USDA Organic Ghee
3. A2 Organic Ghee
4. Grass-Fed Cultured Ghee,
5. Grass-Fed Cultured Organic Ghee,
6. Grass-Fed Sheep Ghee
7. Garlic grass-fed ghee
8. Himalayan Salt Infused Ghee

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