Mighty Paw Naturals Launches 100% Natural Yak Cheese Dog Chews for Teething Puppies and Bored Power Chewers

The Mighty Paw Naturals Yak Cheese Dog Chews are hard but fully edible dog chews for teething puppies and bored power chewers made of yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice

Mighty Paw Naturals now offers long-lasting, limited-ingredient Yak Cheese Dog Chews

Senior Labrador Barley proudly holds the Mighty Paw Naturals Yak Cheese Dog Chews in his mouth

Labrador Barley may be a senior pup, but he still loves to chew!

A huge pile of 100% natural Yak Cheese Dog Chews from Mighty Paw Naturals

Is your pup drooling yet?!

The family orientated dog gear company released long lasting yak cheese dog chews made with 3 ingredients only: yak & cow milk, salt and lime juice.

The Mighty Paw Naturals Yak Cheese Dog Chews are limited-ingredient dog treats for teething puppies and power chewers. They’re made in Nepal and hand-inspected here in the US.”

— Corey Smith, Founder & Owner Mighty Paw

ROCHESTER, NY, USA, April 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mighty Paw, creators of the Smart Bell, Sport Dog Harness 2.0 and other innovative dog gear, announced the launch of a new edible dog line today. The Mighty Paw Naturals Yak Cheese Dog Chews are hard yet fully edible chews that soften with exposure to a dog’s saliva. They encourage chewing which reduces tartar and plaque buildup, and are specifically geared towards teething puppies and bored or anxious power chewers up to 75 lbs.

Each package consists of 4 cheese sticks that don’t contain any added flavors and are grain-free, gluten-free, chemical-free, preservative-free, mess-free, smell-free, and – most importantly – guilt-free! They’re even lactose-free because the curing process removes the lactose from the milk.

“It is with great happiness and excitement that we announce the launch of our new edible line of dog chews” said Corey Smith, CEO and founder of Mighty Paw. “Our new Yak Cheese Dog Chews are sourced in Nepal and hand-inspected by us here in the US. They’re rich in protein and calcium, and a healthy, longer lasting alternative to bleached rawhide chews and similar treats with long lists of artificial ingredients. They’re also a wonderful option for dogs with sensitive stomachs and chicken, beef, pork & grain allergies.”

Yak Cheese Dog Chews Details:
*4 pack
*100% all-natural
*Hard consistency
*Long lasting
*Boredom buster
*Offers anxiety relief
*Promotes oral health
*Limited ingredients
*Chemical- & preservative-free
*Odor- & mess-free
*No added flavors
*Great for dogs with chicken, beef, pork & grain allergies
*Rich in protein & calcium
*Supports muscle growth & bone health
*Sourced in Nepal
*Hand-inspected in the US

About Mighty Paw:
Founded by Corey Smith in 2015, Mighty Paw is a small family-owned and operated dog gear company that’s headquartered in Rochester, NY. Their first product, a hands-free bungee leash set, was born out of sheer necessity when Corey and his wife Sonya, both avid runners, couldn’t find the right gear for runs with their dog Barley. Since then, Mighty Paw has designed a full range of high-quality, affordable products that make life easier and more fun for active dog parents. https://mightypaw.com https://mightypaw.com/blogs/news https://www.instagram.com/mightypaw/ ###

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