Merin Kind Announces Unique, High-Quality Natural Beauty, Health and Wellness Brand

Merin Kind Baobab Oil

Merin Kind Baobab Oil

New beauty and wellness company offers sustainable organic products sourced from natural African ingredients

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA., USA, March 23, 2021 / — Today, Merin Kind has launched its website, The site serves as an online destination for the company’s distinctive natural beauty, health and wellness brand “born out of adversity.” Merin Kind’s connection to Africa is meaningful, with a deep focus of honoring the legacy of those who have gone before. The company has private relationships with specialized global suppliers, sourcing multiple organic and holistic key ingredients for its exclusive lines across several geographic regions.

Merin Kind specializes in assembling these exclusive elements for the inspired items sought after by knowledgeable customers. The company’s products are made from unadulterated, single source, origin potent products resulting in clean, conscious beauty, health and wellness products. All products come from an African tradition that is inspired by ancestors.

“Our community is turning sorrow into joy by connecting to our heritage, African roots, and traditions,” said Akins Lawal, Partner at Merin Kind. “Merin Kind wants to be your brand of choice. Our company is curating unique blends that protect your body, promote healing and enhance beauty. We directly source natural beauty and wellness ingredients for our products.”

Lawal continued, “Ekun wa dayo, translates to ‘our sorrow turns to joy.’ This Yoruba phrase exemplifies how we rose up against adversity as a restored, resilient and emboldened people. Our heritage has led us to create and express ourselves through respected traditional and much beloved African roots. Merin Kind has a special connection to the African continent and is dedicated to perpetuating health and wellness in a responsible way learned from our ancestors. Our mission is about creating and sharing unique formulations that are meaningful, and impactful to our family, friends and customers. It should come naturally.”

Merin Kind’s cruelty-free products offer unique ingredients from Africa, such as organic baobab powder and oils, and sumptuous Shea butter creams. Baobab oil hydrates and moisturizes hair, promotes wound healing, reduces stretch marks and soothes skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, and sunspots. It is rich in alpha and beta carotene, high in omega fatty acids, and nourishes skin cells. Shea butter contains vitamins A and E and is rich in “good fats.” As an emollient, it moisturizes skin and is an anti-inflammatory, aids in reducing acne and blemishes, is known for anti-aging, and acts as an antioxidant as an anti-free radical agent.

As a company, Merin Kind aspires to be a role model for fair trade and sustainability. Africa is the company’s spiritual homeland, and its team feels a responsibility to not only receive the beautiful gifts which come from its soil, but also to give back and take care of the mother continent, Africa.

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