Matthew Keezer gives 3 Reasons Why It Will be possible To Travel In The Summer OF 2021

Matthew Keezer Booking a flight

Matthew Keezer Booking a flight

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, March 24, 2021 / — It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 outbreak and since travelers all over the world were forced to stay at their homes longer than ever before. As of 2021, countries gradually started opening borders and welcoming international travelers. However, international travel is still reduced to a fraction of its former state.

Matthew Keezer, the founder of Momentum Travel, believes that the situation will change drastically for the better thanks to vaccines. In a few months, most of the population should be vaccinated, meaning that traveling will become relatively safe again.

Keeping in mind that travel is probably going to return with a vengeance, Matthew Keezer recommends all those who were planning to travel in 2021 to book their vacations already.

1. Great deals are everywhere… for now.
As Matthew Keezer points out, there are many great deals currently available, both for flights and resorts. Those who are planning a trip in the summer should already book their flights. It is expected that demand will skyrocket in May due to more and more travelers getting vaccinated. And, when that occurs, the flight and resort prices are likely to skyrocket as well.

2. Most flights can be changed for free.
It may be a bit intimidating to book a flight several months upfront because nobody knows how the COVID-19 situation will unravel in the future. However, numerous airlines have dropped or completely eliminated their change fees on tickets. When it comes to the United States, American, Delta, and United Airlines have dropped their change fees on all domestic tickets and most international itineraries departing from North America.

However, Matthew Keezer warns travelers that there is a difference between “changeable” and “refundable” tickets. These policies mean that travelers can change their tickets before departure without paying any extra fees. This new policy doesn’t include any refunds unless a traveler purchases a ticket for a refundable flight.

3. Travel credit cards provide additional security.
Even with changeable flights, it may be challenging to reschedule the trip if the traveler gets sick right before their flight. To protect themselves, travelers can opt for a travel insurance policy. However, this is not the best solution as some of these insurance policies are very expensive, yet they don’t cover any claims related to the pandemic.

Matthew Keezer points out that a travel credit card can ensure various forms of travel protection, such as trip cancellation and interruption coverage, travel accident insurance, emergency evacuation coverage, and more. Every credit card offers different levels of coverage. However, it’s quite unlikely that the traveler will get any of the protections if they cancel the trip voluntarily.

Booking a trip in advance will not only ensure better prices but also give travelers something to look forward to. The past year has been incredibly challenging, and everybody deserves a break. “Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health,” Matthew says. “The idea of an upcoming trip may help get you through the slog.”

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