Luna Design and Innovation Releases White Paper on Microgravity Life Sciences for Commercial R&D

A new white paper from Luna and Blue Origin explores opportunities for life sciences companies to leverage microgravity environments for commercial R&D

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, March 30, 2021 / — A burgeoning commercial space industry is accelerating the use of space as a commercial research platform. A new paper released by Luna Design and Innovation in partnership with Blue Origin explores how life sciences companies can leverage microgravity for research and innovation. Observing phenomena in microgravity can drive new terrestrial approaches to scientific problem solving and ultimately support the development of novel products and services.

Luna helps biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies envision and plan missions to space. The company’s mission is to generate opportunities for the industry to leverage frontier technologies like Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle. Microgravity, or weightlessness in space environments, allows researchers to study life sciences from a new perspective. As gravitational effects fade away, convective forces, mechanical stressors, buoyancy, and sedimentation are minimized.

“Many observable phenomena in the physical and life sciences are altered by microgravity,” said Andrea Yip, CEO of Luna. “Access to low-risk and low-cost missions to space enables researchers to study living systems in extreme environments. This paper explores the benefits of space research both from a scientific and commercial perspective.”

Experiments using space-based research platforms have demonstrated that novel gene pathways are activated in organisms in microgravity, leading to new opportunities for improving our understanding of epigenetics and underlying cell mechanisms. The white paper describes how microgravity can be used to generate new insights, create benchmarking specimens, and manufacture novel materials. More information about the white paper can be found at the website for Luna Design and Innovation,

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