Lumen and Forge Creates Immersive Exhibit for National Geographic

An industry leader in immersive venues and augmented experiences has created an exhibit for one of the world’s most recognized organizations.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 / — Representatives with Lumen and Forge announced today that it recently created an immersive exhibit for National Geographic.

The National Geographic Beneath the Blue exhibition wowed visitors at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California,” a company spokesperson for Lumen and Forge said. “Upon entering the room, dazzling visuals and amplified soundscapes transported guests to an oceanic world. The 360 immersive exhibit featured sculptures crafted from reclaimed ocean plastics, emphasizing a message of sustainability.”

Lumen & Forge teamed up with Inspira Marketing to create the virtual deep-sea world immersive exhibit.

“The goal was to create a virtual underwater world, bringing attention to environmental issues such as ocean pollution and wildlife endangerment,” the company spokesperson explained before adding, “National Geographic tasked us with everything from structure design and content production to curating the show’s featured artists. Inside the space, stunning projection-mapped visuals accompanied immersive soundscapes in order to recreate the multi-sensory experience of being underwater. Read more about this project and how we made this vision into a reality.”

As to how Lumen and Forge brought The National Geographic vision to life, the company spokesperson noted that starting out, it worked with Inspira’s creative team to render a number of concepts for the design of the exhibition space itself.

“When we finally settled on the layout, we had to follow meticulous planning rules outlined by trade-show heavyweight, Freeman (,” the spokesperson said. “Once we had the logistics of the space laid out, we worked closely with Nat Geo to create content and score the piece. Content production involved compiling and editing 8K spherical live-action content, as well as compositing CG rendered animals and other objects to make the scene more dynamic and interesting.”

Creating the immersive exhibit for National Geographic comes on the heels of the company creating the world’s largest projection dome. ‘The Dome, Miami,’ at 225 by 175 feet, was the world’s largest projection dome. Located in the heart of downtown Miami during last year’s Superbowl, thousands of guests visited our immersive, pop-up nightclub.

“Our team handled everything from managing dome construction to creating custom bespoke 360 content,” the spokesperson said. “For four nights, we had an absolute blast video mapping over 40,000 square-feet of screen space. The show itself featured performances from world-renowned rappers such as Future, Cardi B, and Gucci Mane. Thanks to AG Entertainment Inc. for hiring us.”

The company, which also provides full-spectrum projection solutions, offers a range of Geodesic Projection Domes and Inflatable Projection Domes in a multitude of sizes ranging from 10 to 300 feet in diameter.

“It’s perfect for trade shows or showing off 360 content,” the spokesperson stressed before adding that it takes approximately three hours to install.

Lumen and Forge services can be customized to cater to any project – big or small. Its immersive services make use of its multiplicity of 360 domes, media servers, custom interfaces, projection rigs, screens, cameras, and more so that the company can provide fully integrated options.

“Here at Lumen and Forge, we cover most everything to do with immersive venues and augmented experiences,” the spokesperson stressed, before adding, “Although we are flexible, our specialty is 360 dome projection, which is at the forefront of the advent of VR/AR. Our cornucopia of domes features ultra-high-resolution spherical screens, live-playback systems, and portable and accessible components.”

Lumen and Forge’s goal is to inspire audiences and bring 360 theater into the future.

“We truly believe that immersive technology and innovation has the potential to revolutionize communication, education, and entertainment,” the spokesperson said.

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