Love Law Firm Helps New York Small Business Employers During Uncertain Times

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New York Small Businesses Receive Legal Help Staying Compliant

UNIONDALE, NY, US, April 6, 2021 / — Being a small business employer is always challenging, even in the best of times. Add in a pandemic, changing governmental regulations, and a partially-to-entirely remote workforce, and even the most seasoned employers are overwhelmed by how to lead their organization in a legal fashion.

Unfortunately, many small businesses rely on advice from other business owners, news articles and cobbled together information from web searches to guide them on their path. This hodgepodge approach can – and has – led many an employer into disastrous decisions with expensive legal consequences.

To help alleviate this crisis of small business owners not being able to have legal representation, one Long Island-based business law firm is coming up with new ideas to help. Love Law Firm was founded by Francine E. Love in 2015 after a long career on Wall Street. Having worked with some of the largest companies in the world, she decided to bring her skills and passion to the businesses of Main Street.

“I saw firsthand how big companies benefit from having their general counsel at the decision table. I want to make sure that all businesses have access to a lawyer who is on their side. One of our firm’s mottos is ‘Build. Not Billed.’ This is to show our commitment to helping our clients grow their own businesses and not simply racking up our own billable hours.”

With special programs like Dolphinitely – a plan for beginning businesses to get on-demand help – and the Love Family Office – where growing and established businesses have a suite of legal services provided on a subscription basis, Love Law Firm is trying to change how clients view lawyers.

It appears to be working. A recent review of the firm said, “Francine is warm, knowledgeable and cares about delivering value to her clients. She listens to what I need for my business and then delivers just that, while offering up other valuable tidbits along the way. Francine answers my questions in a way I understand and has helped me become a more confident business owner. She’s also incredibly responsive and upfront about her services and costs so I know exactly what I’m getting and am sure it’s what I need.”

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