‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ Releases Chapter 10 The Pinwheel

The swastikas had long dissolved away and I became transfixed by a wonderful illusion…”

— C.W. Männe

GDAńSK, POLAND, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brainiac Productions LLC, Christopher William Mahne and Sir David Michael Robinson today announced the release of Chapter 10 The Pinwheel from ‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and audio content on Soundcloud along with SFX video content on YouTube and IGTV.

In this chapter C.W. enters into KUNDALINI. He finds a way to see through ‘the right angles of the world and its judgements’… and he ‘discovers a neutral path’. The path itself, is both a symbol of ‘moving beyond the field of criticism/opposites’, AND it is the WAY OF ENLIGHTENMENT.

Mahne said “that enlightenment is not an easy path to follow and achieve, and that one has to explore ‘who am I?’ and do all the tough work to find the answers, it’s definitely not for everyone.”

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