Live Your Purpose to overcome the effects of Covid-19

5X your Covid-19 recovery through living your purpose

DRAPER, UTAH, U.S.A., March 31, 2021 / — Live with Purpose: Steps to Help Overcome COVID-19 PTSD

Coming out of the pandemic, mental health and company morale is a number one issue for people and companies. In 2020, we spent $201 billion annually on depression related illness in the US (National Health Expenditure Accounts). We have 10 Million people still unemployed and company job satisfaction levels are also at an all-time low. Now is the time to live and work with more purpose.

A 2020 McKinsey quarterly reported that employees recover from a crisis 5X faster as a result of living with purpose

My name is Rick Heyland, and I help people and organizations find and live their purpose to help them achieve outstanding life satisfaction and company performance.

My book, “Live Your Purpose: A step by step guide to living your best life,” explores themes of finding purpose, incorporating better habits, developing actionable goals and developing skills to overcome setbacks on your path to your best life.

Steps to take to Live with Purpose:
Clarity: Define and or Clarify your purpose: I have developed the “Triple 7 process” for purpose development. 7 questions, 7 hours over 7 days and you will have crystal clear clarity about your purpose and direction for life.
Actionable Goals: Develop actionable and simple goals that will accomplish your purpose. Make weekly and daily plans to accomplish your goals.
Identifying Better Habits: Develop the habits of gratitude, mindfulness and acceptance to overcome setbacks along the path to increased fulfillment and success.

My CI4life website has a series of tools and training to help companies and people live and lead with purpose.

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