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Build a High-End Career with Shaz’s Proven Strategies and comprehensive, accredited & fast-paced e-Learning Programs powered by The “Transform Learning Academy.

LIVERPOOL, NORTHWEST ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, March 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The current global job market is becoming highly competitive, making career choice one of the most critical and tricky decisions of everyone’s life. Due to the conventional education system, a person has to determine this early in their life. Not everyone in this world has access to the right tools and people around them to make this decision a profitable one. This is the core reason why most people cannot accomplish the dream of building a lucrative career. For years they are stuck in unrewarding careers or sometimes irrelevant to their professional education as most employers are seeking individuals with practical experience and not just college degrees. Meanwhile, the resources to make an ideal career change are very limited, but now the landscape is evolving. Talented and visionary individuals like Shaz Shafiq are coming forward to fill this gap and create resources to make this possible for everyone across the globe.

Shaz is a seasoned executive coach and career strategist on a mission to help everyone excel in business analysis and Project management. Aspirants and experienced professionals both can take advantage of his mentorship and strategically outlined business transformation training programs, courses, and diplomas managed by the industry’s leading experts. The programs are offered by Transform Learning Academy, which is a brainchild of Shaz Shafiq. With his first-hand knowledge of challenges faced by fresh graduates and how to overcome them with a career switch at the right time, the career strategist hailing from Rochdale, UK, founded TLA with an objective to transform the careers of skilled professionals all across the globe. The company was established in 2018 with a small team of experts who shared his vision. Over these years, TLA has expanded its horizons, and now it has a full-fledged team of specialists on board with a combined experience of 30 years.

Transform Learning Academy offers multiple e-learning programs that have helped thousands of struggling professionals capture the hidden job market in the disciplines of project management and business analysis, business intelligence, data analysis, and cybersecurity. The roadmap of these training and learning programs is designed to help learners gain sufficient knowledge about core principles, tools, and techniques in minimum time that enables them to take exam industry-recognized exams shortly. The delegates either learn via the interactive platform or by webinars conducted by seasoned educators from the relevant domains. 98% of the delegates are equipped to pass the exams on the first attempt, and they swiftly move on to the next stage of gaining professional experience. The delegates are then allowed to join a live project as an intern. These projects are held remotely on cloud-based platforms and completed on a part-time basis so that professionals can complete them around their busy working lives. When asked to talk about what makes TLA stands out from the other e-learning platforms, Shaz said
“TLA is unrivaled training providers worldwide, which not only offer qualifications but also offer internship experience and full job placement support. Now you don’t have to worry about spending £27k+ on university fees or courses which don’t provide results as we have the right qualifications and programs for those looking to secure their dream job. We have over 2500+ success stories of professionals who have landed a 6 figure career through our training programs and recruitment support. Every year the number keeps increasing, and we are all set to equip every onboard student with the skills to outshine in the current global economy and get a remunerative position with tremendous opportunity for growth.”

To motivate applicants and share top students’ success stories who have secured lucrative job roles as business analysts and project managers through TLA programs, Shaz hosts a career hacking live event every Wednesday at 8 pm. The event is also focused on assisting the participants in learning how to access the hidden job market and land the first six-figure job role in a realistic time frame. The webinar registration is free of cost and a great way to connect with successful students and learn actionable skills to transform their mindset and optimize their CV and LinkedIn profiles to secure more interviews. The interactive session helps attendees learn a great deal about overcoming the struggles in their careers and paving the path toward accelerated growth in 2021. The career coach has created a free resource and training section on his official website, power-packed with essential information and actionable strategies on securing a successful career in Business Transformation and realizing the dream of getting a life-changing and high-paying career.

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