Letterhead Launches South Florida Ad Network for Quality E-Newsletters

Success of The New Tropic spurred brands to ask for more newsletter options

It starts with knowing our audience better than anyone else. We understand the topics that move them, and our editorial expertise generates emotion and ultimately purchase intent.”

— Whereby.us National Sales Director Marianne Maniero

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Media buyers will now find it easier to reach engaged audiences in South Florida, thanks to the launch of the Letterhead Ad Network, the company announced today.

Letterhead, a software-as-a-service platform, helps creators, writers, publishers, and marketers build communities of engaged users with email newsletters. Created by Whereby.us, Letterhead helps media buyers match brands with email newsletters to create singular and multichannel native campaigns that really resonate with these creative communities.

“I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with the Letterhead team on various projects for different clients,” said Miami Dade College Foundation Director of Communications and Digital Engagement Ana Mantica. “As an avid reader of their newsletters, I appreciate the content they produce. It’s authentic, engaging, and representative of our community. As a collaborator, I find the team creative, strategic and responsive. They take the time to understand client goals and audience needs, and connect the two to create content that resonates. And it’s fun to work with them!”

The network now reaches more than 176,000 passionate readers in South Florida. Among the titles that have recently joined the network:
• Refresh Miami, which focuses on Miami tech;
• Choose 954, covering culture and community in Broward County;
• O Cinema South Beach, delivering news from the nonprofit art house cinema;
• And many more

“It starts with knowing our audience better than anyone else,” said Whereby.us National Sales Director Marianne Maniero. “We understand the topics that move them, and our editorial expertise generates emotion and ultimately purchase intent. Buyers trust that we really know our audiences. It’s community marketing with a national reach.”

“We’re proud of the newsletter network we’ve built and are actively looking for other high-quality South Florida newsletters to add to the network,” said Whereby.us Founder and CEO Christopher Sopher. “We set out to do something new in local journalism, and are glad to be able to share the love, growth and revenue with other South Florida journalists. We’re going to grow by sharing that mission with as many other creators as we can.”

Sign up at https://www.tryletterhead.com/.

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Letterhead simplifies the process of selling, managing and delivering sponsor inventory on email newsletters. Letterhead helps companies turn on another revenue stream with its no-code sponsorship and advertising solution. Letterhead’s platform can handle every step of the revenue process, from sales and payment to ad creation to delivery and metrics — so publishers can focus on their content. Select from pre-built, tested ad types like sponsorships, banners, native content and listings — or build your own format with links, images, GIFs, emojis and more. Visit us at https://www.tryletterhead.com.

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