Leading with The Heart: Emotional Marketing

Meet Kayla: Sagon-Phior’s new in-house social media manager.

Sagon-Phior is evolving the way brands emotionally connect to audiences through social media.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sagon-Phior today announced Kayla Daquino has joined the team as their Social Media Manager as part of the overall evolution to help brands emotionally connect to audiences, Sagon-Phior has added an in-house social media resource to the rich suite of services it now offers.

Kayla will be responsible for planning, curating, and implementing all social media campaigns for Sagon-Phior’s clients. She will actively engage with online communities, raise the awareness of the client’s brands, and deliver inspiring and meaningful content. Daquino will also handle all social media strategies and management for clients who would like to build and maximize their online presence.

“Every day I find ways to use social media as a means to connect human emotions with customer behavior. I look forward to working with so many remarkable brands in healthcare, finance, technology, and lifestyle. I am beyond thrilled to join the Sagon-Phior team and help manage the ever-growing need for social media in marketing,” said Daquino.

“Social media continues to serve a critically important and effective role in marketing and brand development process, said Glenn Sagon, CEO, and partner at Sagon-Phior. Our clients rely on us to develop unique and original content that successfully connect a brand experience to a targeted audience, regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C. We are fully invested in continuing to provide that role for our healthcare, financial services, technology and lifestyle clients. Kayla’s experience and creativity identifying and managing the most emotionally powerful stories and content will be a big part of those efforts”

Daquino is a charismatic speaker and creative writer with a strong media and communications background who earned her bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts, with a minor in English Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of California, San Diego. Since graduating, she has started her own special events business, worked as a marketing manager for a video production start-up, and recently became an independent published author who expresses emotional storytelling through her poetry.

About Sagon-Phior:
As a full-service marketing agency, Sagon-Phior grows businesses by building better relationships between a brand and their target audience through emotional marketing, branding and technology. Emotional marketing enables marketers to better understand important, often unseen, patterns of customer emotions and behavior. This informs our marketing strategies to engage and elevate the customer and brand experience. Greater awareness, deeper brand loyalties and revenue growth are the measurable results of this process. Sagon-Phior has applied this philosophy for many regional, national, and global healthcare, technology, lifestyle, and financial services clients for over three decades.


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