Largest hemp extraction facility in Italy to use green technologies

Herbolea Biotech and Eusphera Nutraceuticals sign License Agreement for use of patented extraction and purification technologies in Italy

FLORENCE, ITALY, March 30, 2021 / — Herbolea Biotech and Eusphera Nutraceuticals sign Licensing Agreement for use of Bio-Herbolysis™ and Hydrocan™ extraction technologies.

Eusphera Srl (“Eusphera”), a leading Italian hemp-based nutraceutical production and distribution company and Herbolea Biotech Srl (“Herbolea”), an Italian biotechnology company developing proprietary botanical extraction technologies, are pleased to announce the signing of a Licensing Agreement granting Eusphera the rights to utilize Herbolea’s Bio-Herbolysis™ and Hydrocan™ extraction and concentration technologies in Italy.

As part of the agreement, Herbolea commits to deliver Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant equipment to Eusphera’s facility, with the capacity to process up to 300 Kg of dry flower or its wet equivalent per day.

By signing this agreement, the parties will create a cutting-edge hub focused on research and development of hemp-derived products, leveraging Italian scientific expertise and innovative post-processing technologies and nutraceutical and regulatory know-how.

“This partnership is a key milestone allowing our companies to innovate and excel in the rapidly changing world of natural healthcare and hemp-based remedies to improve people’s well-being. This collaboration between two highly talented teams will give us the opportunity to set a higher standard and play a pivotal role in the European market ” said Max Nardulli, managing partner at Eusphera.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Eusphera in setting up the first Italian extraction hub that uses 100% green technologies. The deal is not only a significant milestone for Herbolea and Eusphera, but for the entire European healthcare market as safer and healthier products, obtained without the use of organic solvents, will be made available” commented Marco Merciai, CEO at Herbolea.

Bio-Herbolysis™ is a patented, solvent-less and environmentally friendly technology to extract cannabis’ phyto-complex starting from wet or dry material, yielding 90%+ extraction efficiency, while preserving its original acidic forms and terpene profile.

Hydrocan™ is Herbolea’s patent-pending, solvent-less and environmentally friendly technology to selectively concentrate CBD and CBG to over 90% potency, while simultaneously remediating THC without ever crossing the legal 0.2% threshold in any phase of the process. This feature is not only achieved in a highly efficient way, but with the added value of not utilizing chromatography equipment or solvents at any step, resulting in a highly cost-competitive process that does not introduce potentially harmful substances into the final products.

Both technologies are highly scalable, highly efficient, solvent-less, environmentally friendly, GMP and Organic eligible.


Targets: the production of bulk and formulated products deriving from hemp.

Production capacity: the equipment is capable of processing up to 60.000 kg (on dry basis) of hemp biomass per year.

CAPEX Savings: HBT to provide the equipment therefore eliminating the associated capital investments. Estimated reduction of capital expenditures of €2,500,000. The savings consist of initial extraction equipment as well as post processing options of comparable technologies for 60,000kg of yearly capacity.

OPEX Savings: estimated in the range of 50% for oil-based extracts and tinctures and 70% for concentrates and broad-spectrum distillates (compared to SCFE and cryo-ethanol).

GMP Equipment: tailored equipment built to the specific requirements of Eusphera.

Facility Costs and Processing: significantly lower permitting costs due to eliminating the need for solvents and the elimination of drying rooms. Improved cash conversion cycle from reduced inventory.


Eusphera is one of the European pioneers in the field of creating and distributing innovative and natural hemp-based products to optimize health and well-being. The Company’s premium quality products are 100-percent made in Italy and formulated by the in-house R&D science-led team with the highest standard for quality and safety.
Eusphera has full control over the entire production chain and has a GMP Pharma & Cosmetic compliant process. The Company currently distributes products to pharmacies and healthcare outlets in multiple European countries. Visit to learn more.


Herbolea is a biotech company envisioning the use of innovative, green technologies to obtain safe, high-quality and low-cost natural products. Herbolea’s patented Bio-refining Platform generates unique products from highly therapeutic potential botanicals in a safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-competitive way.
The company has signed licensing agreements with pharma companies in Canada, Colombia, Germany and Italy. Visit to learn more.

Lorenzo Venturini Del Greco
Herbolea Biotech

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