Lamplight Counseling Services Launches Partnership with Blueprint to Offer Patients Measurement-Based Mental Health Care

A circle beside their name means that the patient has one overdue outcome measure. An exclamation mark beside their name means that the patient answered positively to a suicidal-related question. ”

— Bridget Richard

CLEVELAND, OH, USA, April 7, 2021 / — Lamplight Counseling Services has announced a partnership with Blueprint, a leading provider of measurement-based care. The partnership will enable Lamplight to provide its patients with intuitive, self-tracking mood software compatible with Android, iPhone, and desktop (for providers only).

Therapy has been proven to be more effective when clients are consistently engaged in the process. By partnering with Blueprint, Bridget Richard, LISW-S and owner of Lamplight Counseling Services, can help her team build upon the efficacy of patient treatment plans by monitoring patients’ behaviors over time. The app has four key markers: daily symptom tracking, worksheets, passive data collection, and outcome measures. Patients with high deductibles can access Blueprint at no cost.

“I’m always fond of saying I’m allergic to paper,” said Richard. “Blueprint is password protected and HIPPA compliant, unlike paper worksheets and therapy journals. We have our therapists upload their five favorite worksheets out of 100 to support what their clients are working on that week. No faxing, no emailing, a great user interface–it’s a beautiful thing.”

Patients track symptoms by moving a slider to evaluate sleep, social connectedness, positivity, and energy; a daily reminder can be set. The app requires “virtually no training,” Richard emphasized while noting that the simple self-evaluation process fosters patients’ compliance. Passive data collection allows therapists to identify the link between patients’ wellbeing and symptom tracking behaviors.

At the end of each week, patients take outcome measures that help therapists adjust their treatment plans. This five- to 10-minute series of questions is customizable to each patient’s experience, from their level of interest in activities they enjoy to substance use cravings.

Unlike some mood tracking apps, “the biggest differentiator [for Blueprint] is that your clinician is connected to your treatment over time, rather than having a separate app to bring in to your clinician and describe how you have been doing,” said Cassandra Pinter, Customer Success Manager at Blueprint.

Lamplight Counseling Services encourages patients to take the initiative if they are experiencing an emergency. But Blueprint may help therapists spot a mental health crisis faster.

“The app notifies us about our patients based on two categories,” Richard said. “The first is a circle beside their name, which means that the patient has one overdue outcome measure. The second is an exclamation mark beside their name, which means that the patient answered positively to a suicidal-related question. At that point, we reach out and say, ‘Hey, you don’t have an appointment for another month–what’s going on?’

Claire Brenner, Senior Marketing Manager at Blueprint, added that Blueprint “incorporates partners’ feedback into our product road map,” ensuring that clinicians can fully utilize self-tracking technology to improve patient outcomes. “It ultimately makes treatment more impactful and helps therapists connect more deeply with their clients.”

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About Lamplight Counseling Services, LLC
Lamplight Counseling Services, LLC offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) in Medina, OH. The office works with children, adolescents, adults, and families with issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse and addiction, and relationship conflicts. Lamplight Counseling Services aims to empower patients to rise to meet the challenges of everyday life and the unexpected.

About Blueprint
Blueprint is a HIPPA-compliant, digital tool that provides measurement-based care to clinicians nationwide. The company assists providers by providing patient enrollment services and diagnostic screening assessments to tailor questions for symptom tracking and outcome measures.

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