Ku Cha House of Tea Expands RTD Artisan Beverages To New Outlets

Ku Cha House of Tea is the leading importer of traditional, whole-leaf artisan teas in the Rocky Mountain West.

With its line of RTD artisan whole-leaf teas, Ku Cha House of Tea introduces fine, ready-to-drink teas to consumers.

Leading Rocky Mountain West tea importer and line of tea shops forges new partnerships with coffee shops, restaurants & markets

Most ready-to-drink iced tea comes from low-quality black tea. We are excited to finally offer consumers iced beverages that begin to reflect the many and varied pleasures of tea.”

— Qin Liu

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ku Cha House of Tea today announces exciting partnerships with prominent Colorado businesses to sell its new line of whole-leaf, artisan iced teas and kombuchas.
Ozo Coffee Company, one of Colorado’s most respected coffee shops, now carries Ku Cha beverage in all five of its shops in Boulder County. Pacific Mercantile, a large and historic Asian market in downtown Denver, is now offering Ku Cha teas to customers. In addition, Lolita’s Market & Deli in Boulder, along with Boulder restaurant Fuji Cafe, Denver restaurants Ginger Pig and Bao Brew House, and Arvada coffee shop Hunter Bay Cafe now serve Ku Cha beverages.
In all, 11 outlets now carry Ku Cha RTD drinks, in addition to all three Ku Cha House of Tea shops in Colorado.
“The market is full of RTD iced tea brands, but as passionate tea consumers we found them uniformly dismal. So we brewed our own iced teas at home,” says Ku Cha House of Tea co-founder Rong Pan. “We loved our home brews so much we decided to can them and sell them out of our shops. The positive response has been overwhelming. We are thrilled that as people try our canned teas and kombuchas, increasingly more restaurants and markets carry them.”
The whole-leaf beverages include:
•    Golden Monkey, a famous black tea from China’s Fujian Province that brews a deep golden-amber color. The tea offers wonderful chocolate aromas, malty flavors and a lingering sweetness.
•    Jasmine Oolong, a lightly oxidized green tea scented with highly aromatic jasmine blossoms, which are picked in the evenings in China and incorporated into tea leaves for seven or more consecutive days. The process creates wonderfully perfumed tea.
•    Summer Tranquility, a beautiful blend of white tea, the least oxidized of all teas, with natural peach and apricot. With the glories of elegant white tea and gorgeous flavors of peach and apricot, this quaffable tea is made for spring and summer. 
•    Jasmine Kombucha, a refreshingly different style of kombucha, relying on our aromatic jasmine oolong tea instead of traditional black tea. This kombucha rejects added ingredients, relying entirely on the spectacular qualities of jasmine oolong for alluring flavors.
The teas and kombucha all rely on whole-leaf tea, one of the foundations of Ku Cha House of Tea. The vast majority of tea in the United States is sold in tea bags, which normally are filled with inferior tea, often literally floor scraps. Ku Cha House of Tea founder Rong Pan and Qin Liu work closely with tea farms and artisans across Asia and around the world to source the highest quality whole-leaf teas. Ku Cha imports and carries the broadest range of artisan whole-leaf teas in the Rocky Mountain West, and uses them to craft its canned beverages.
“With warmer weather on the way, we are eager to introduce more and more people to the magnificence of true artisan iced tea and kombucha,” says co-founder Qin Liu. “Tea is one of the most diverse agricultural products in the world, with literally thousands of different teas. Most RTD iced tea, however, comes from low-quality, mass-produced black tea. We are excited to finally offer consumers teas that begin to reflect the many pleasures of tea.”
Rong is happy to speak about Ku Cha’s expansion into new markets, about artisan iced tea, about launching a beverage brand during COVID-19, and much more.

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