Krowdkast Launches the World’s First Video-Call Casting Platform to Transform Modelling, Acting & Influencer Industries

Founded by industry experts, the first of its kind online platform will enable industry professionals to search & cast professional talent, entirely digitally.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM , April 6, 2021 / — To address inefficiencies and excessive costs of the casting process, Krowdkast has launched the world’s first video-call casting platform. The platform helps creatives across all sectors to cast for new talent entirely digitally, via their representative agents. With over 35 professional registered agencies and 6,000 searchable talent, Krowdkast is fast becoming a popular industry wide tool.

Co-founded by industry experts with over 50 years combined experience, Krowdkast is the only bespoke digital online casting platform in the world and is transforming the complete casting process.

The platform offers industry professionals an opportunity to negate the impact of social-distancing and lockdown across their respective sectors, by connecting them with talent digitally. Casting directors, artists and talent can conveniently connect with each other as per their suitability, ensuring that a casting opportunity may never be missed. Krowdkast is drastically reducing the carbon footprint of its commercial sectors by removing the need for extensive travel for attendees at casting sessions. Using its innovative software, the platform will make searching and enquiring about new talent much quicker and more efficient, as well as more cost-effective.

Krowdkast only features accredited talent and artists who are represented by professional agencies; all casting and booking enquiries will go directly to the respective agencies – Krowdkast is not a direct booking platform. Krowdkast has already worked with leading global brands such as Samsung, Adidas, LG and Porsche among many others. Users work with the platform on a tiered subscription service, and are able to access a video-call Casting Suite through which they can interact with, and audition, talent in real-time. The interactive experience allows you to cast talent across the globe by means of a casting-specific video-call. The immersive platform enables you to create custom casting forms for attendees to complete, record & photograph talent during the call. You can also post auto-cues & scripts, invite colleagues or clients to view the casting session and download post-casting reports containing all notes, information and imagery captured during the session.

Non-Executive Director of Brand & Marketing for Krowdkast, Chantelle Oriani says, “Having worked in the creative industry for more than a decade myself and as the co-founder of a global marketing agency, Sequel, I’ve experienced the inefficiencies of traditional casting processes from both a talent and client production perspective; the flaws became vastly apparent and the need for a seamless process was necessary. For agencies and production companies, it can be incredibly slow and expensive, and events of the past year have only exacerbated this. Through the combination of our pioneering technology and the network of professionals and industry bodies that we’ve built, we’re hugely excited at the prospect of transforming the casting process for the better and supporting the creative industries and their talent.”

As a global platform, Krowdkast will allow its users to find and engage talent from anywhere in the world. Designed by industry professionals for industry professionals, it allows a seamless casting process from start to finish. The function allows creatives and individuals, from casting assistants to senior film producers, to cast talent remotely via a bespoke video-call with features allowing the user to take high-quality imagery and film prospective talent, as well as sending autocues and real-time feedback of casting attendees.

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