Kinetic Marketing Launches New Services Designed to Help Businesses Reach their Pre-COVID Success

The Team from Kinetic Marketing is Ready to Assist with the New Website Related Services, Lead Generation, Social Media and More

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 30, 2021 / Kaleb Varnes, CEO of Kinetic Marketing, is pleased to announce the launch of new and enhanced services that are designed to help business owners regain customers and sales that were lost during the global pandemic.

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The entire team at Kinetic Marketing knows how hard 2020 was for many business owners. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many E-commerce stores and small shops, as well as larger businesses struggled to stay open.

While a number of businesses did have to close their doors for a period of time, and/or furlough their workers, many are back open and trying harder than ever to bring back their loyal customers. لعبة ملك الدومينو

The new and enhanced services have been custom designed to help hard-working company owners to get their companies back to where they were prior to the pandemic.

For example, most owners are simply too busy right now re-stocking their inventory, fulfilling orders and training new employees to focus much of their time on social media. عدد ورق الكوتشينة

Since Varnes and his team know how crucial it is to have a solid and consistent presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, he added to these services to ensure their clients will look their best on social media and have an effective strategy that helps business owners achieve their goals. skrill السعودية

“As a military veteran who was deployed twice and has fought for everyone’s freedom, I am proud to be back home fighting for business owners and helping them to be free from the pandemic,” Varnes said, adding that he and his team of 20-plus marketing experts have what it takes to help their clients.

“We can also assist with our new website services, lead generation and paid media services, which involves our experts in media buying making sure every dollar goes farther in acquiring more and better customers.”

About Kinetic Marketing:
Kinetic Marketing is a full-service partner in Content Creation, Social Growth, Media Management, Design, Digital ads, and more. Their goal is to get their clients results and reduce their marketing headaches. Those who are interested in learning more may schedule a free consultation by visiting the website:

Kaleb Varnes
(208) 353-0051

SOURCE: Kinetic Marketing

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