Khadijah Adams Releases New Book “Rewriting Your Mental Script” to Help Readers Achieve Goals Through Personal Success

Khadijah Adams

Rewriting Your Mental Script

Inspires Productive Changing of Old Mindsets to Put People on the Path to New Success

Your thoughts influence your attitude and your attitude influences actions. Your actions ultimately shape your life and personality.”

— Khadijah Adams

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 / — Today, noted author Cassondra “Khadijah” Adams announced the release of her new book, Rewriting Your Mental Script: 8 Mindsets That Defeat Self Sabotage. Ms. Adams is a proponent of empowering those around her to grow and change with the ultimate purpose of letting go of old habits. For people who want to succeed, yet are stuck, Ms. Adams teaches that believing in oneself and having faith is how to begin changing a mindset that does not serve future plans and goals. The premise of the book examines the realization that one’s mindset is a repeating mental script of past experiences and blueprints that often hold people back. This influences everything a person does until one is able to step back to rewrite their new personal and professional plan.

Adams assures readers that changing is worth the effort. She discusses using failure as a learning tool by throwing away assumptions that have held her readers back. Though daunting, learning from failure, or in milder terms, not succeeding, is the way to move forward with a plan to reach tangible goals. Another helpful tip is that being surrounded by positive people who encourage constructive change enhances self-esteem and injects energy into the process. The author clearly explains and motivates with her clear message that people living unproductive lives need to instead craft goals with a well-thought-out plan. Then the reader can take action and continue to follow through.

“Your thoughts literally shape who you are as a person,” said Ms. Adams. “Your thoughts influence your attitude and your attitude influences actions. Your actions ultimately shape your life and personality. Changing your mindset is the most powerful and effective way to change your situation. It’s incredibly powerful to be able to alter your perception of a topic and implement personal change. Looking at things from a different angle can inspire you by finding new ways to pursue goals instead of constantly listening to non-productive voices in your head that have been holding you back without your knowing it. Forming better habits will remove your focus on your old script making room for new energy for what will truly make you happy and successful.”

The book covers topics such as “Getting Rid of Mental Roadblocks” and “Believe that You Can Change and You Will,” as well as “Make a Decision and Stick to It” and “Your Goals Don’t Care About Excuses. Just Results.” Ms. Adams invites you to join her virtual book release and signing on April 17th at 12PM PST. Ultimately, the book reveals that successful people are cognizant of the risks and take them anyway. That’s one of her main takeaways.

Ms. Adams is a Business Empowerment Coach, Cannabis Consultant, Entrepreneur, Motivational, and Public Speaker. She sits on the Advisory Board of The Color of Cannabis (TCC) 2020-2021 and is the Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) 2020-2021. She is a Board Member of Gratitude Blossom (San Diego), Advisory Board Member of Calyxeum (MI), and Board Member of CannaCan (Ohio). Khadijah is the founder of Khadijah Adams, LLC dba “Girl, Get That Money” a business empowerment and coaching movement. Her goal is to empower women in business by providing them with the resources and tools needed to help them become successful.

“Rewriting Your Mental Script: 8 Mindsets That Defeat Self Sabotage” is available at, or on Amazon.

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