Keeping Students Safe: How Software From B-Three Solutions Is Improving School Security

How B-Three Solutions Is Keeping Kids Safe, No Matter What 

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, March 30, 2021 / — A school shooting is every parent’s worst nightmare. The security experts at B-Three Solutions have developed security mapping software — called Sight on Scene — to allow teachers, administrators, first responders, and emergency personnel to react and respond as quickly as possible in the event that disaster strikes. 

How Sight on Scene From B-Three Solutions Works

First, school security personnel and administrators work together to create a map of the floorplan of the school’s building, as well as an outline of surrounding areas. There’s no need for expensive software or the aid of a professional to create a map. The DIY floorplan building from B-Three Solutions is quick and easy, with both a drop and draw option and a blueprint tracing option. 

During the setup process, school officials can also upload emergency preparedness documents in the B-Three Solutions Sight on Scene app. When the system is activated, these documents can immediately be accessed by school personnel. 

The system then allows users to pair their existing camera systems with the app. School personnel can simply tap to add cameras to the Sight on Scene interface. In the event that an emergency occurs, first responders can easily scroll through camera footage, alerting them to the exact location of the emergency before they even arrive on the scene. 

When Sight on Scene from B-Three Solutions is activated, users who have the SOS portion of the app activated on their phones can be tracked throughout the building in real-time. This allows other app users to monitor the locations of first responders, school personnel, and building visitors as they move throughout the building. 

During the activation process, escape route security footage is shown to users in real-time, alerting them of potential hazards of their route. This can save them valuable seconds and stop them from accidentally leading students into a threatening situation. 

There’s no need for schools to pair with first responders and law enforcement professionals prior to the event of the emergency. Emergency personnel using the app from B-Three Solutions can automatically view the building’s floorplans, allowing them to both familiarize themselves with the building and grasp the situation before they arrive on the scene. 

Preparedness is Key

While no one wants to imagine that an emergency will happen in a school, these issues have become a terribly unfortunate reality, and it’s vital to be prepared. With Sight on Scene from B-Three Solutions in place prior to an emergency, lives can be saved, and disastrous situations can be controlled faster than ever. 

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