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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Coach Julia Berryman leads her clients down two of the most potent avenues of personal development: creative & sexual empowerment. An Artist and Empowerment Coach, as well as a Sex, Love and Relationships Coach trained at the VITA™️ Institute, Julia supports her clients to build a vibrant relationship with their sexuality, sensuality, creativity and personal power.

“I help people find their voice and reconnect with their bodies,” says Julia. “So many people walk through life stuck in anxious mind loops. They don’t realize that by staying stuck in their head, they are disconnecting from the wellspring of power and confidence that is sourced in their body. When people learn to come home into their bodies, celebrate their sexual expression and embrace their creativity, they discover so many new layers of themselves. This self-discovery is healing and cultivates tremendous self-acceptance. That’s why I love bringing together so many creative and somatic-based tools in my work.”

Reclaiming her inner artist and healing her own sexuality has been an integral part of Julia’s journey.

“I’ve been an artist since I was a child,” recalls Julia. “I would write stories, sing, dance, draw and make music. Creative expression was an inherent part of who I was. And yet, as I grew older, I lost that fire. Society tells artists they can’t actually make a living with their art. It wasn’t until later, through re-embracing my Inner Artist and healing my sexual shame and trauma, that I discovered I had suppressed this inherently creative part of me.”

In Julia’s individual coaching work and community workshops, she incorporates intuitive art, vocal expression and dance to help people process their emotions and embrace more of themselves. As people discover their own voice and build self acceptance, they heal their relationship to themselves and how they relate to other people.

“That’s the gift art brings: what lies beneath, the soul, the heartbeat, the essence.” says Julia. “It’s trusting ourselves, trusting life and creating from that space.”

According to Julia, sex, love and relationships fall under the umbrella of personal expression.

“Sexuality and creativity are two aspects of human expression that people often have a fraught relationship with. There’s so much shame, judgement and suppression,” says Julia. “Relationships are a creative act. Intimacy is a creative act. It really requires a vulnerability and willingness to be our full self. Through art, we can free our inhibitions and become happier and more fulfilled.”

Close Up Radio will feature Julia Berryman in a two-part interview with Jim Masters on March 23rd at 12pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on March 30th at 12pm EST.

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