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Joey Allen, CEO

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Sarah Gazi, Association Management

Allen Is Named CEO, Gazi Is Director of Association Management At The Business Services Firm

I respect both Sarah and Joey tremendously for their professionalism, expertise, and dedication, and I just really love working with each of them. This is the beginning of major things to come!”

— Kristen Carroll, LMC Founder and Chair

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / — The LMC Groups announced today that Joey Allen had been named as its CEO. Allen is a long-time friend and business associate of The LMC Groups and a veteran of the chauffeured car industry. When LMC’s growth and vision required a seasoned executive, they sought him out. Allen owns Kings Worldwide Transportation and is respected for his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

Like Allen, Sarah Gazi has also been a friend of The LMC Groups as they have worked together on projects over the years. Gazi is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) with more than 20 years of experience managing diverse associations. She will now serve as the Director of Association Management for Association Command, a just-launched division of The LMC Groups, in addition to her role in carrying out client services as Executive Director.

Founded in 2014 by long-time business consultant, author, and speaker Kristen Carroll, The LMC Groups has provided a wide range of services—from finance and HR to operations and marketing—to their clients. Their client base of small and medium businesses, nonprofits, and organizations sought out LMC for expert-level solutions that enabled them to compete in the marketplace. In response to the global pandemic in 2020 and 2021, The LMC Groups broadened its offerings, acquiring the Limo Command call center and launching Association Command, with more growth in the works.

LMC Founder and Chair Kristen Carroll remarked:
I am delighted that Joey and Sarah have joined the LMC team. Bringing Joey on as CEO frees me up to implement my vision for LMC. Sarah’s tremendous experience will allow us to expand into a vertical we’ve always been drawn to: associations. I respect both Sarah and Joey tremendously for their professionalism, expertise, and dedication, and what’s more, I just really love working with each of them. This is just the beginning of major things to come, and I’m so glad Joey and Sarah will contribute to LMC’s great success.

LMC CEO Joey Allen explained what drew him to working with LMC:
I have been a fan and friend of The LMC Groups almost since it opened, and coming on as CEO is a fantastic opportunity. I’m thrilled to lead LMC into this new and exciting phase, and I look forward to realizing the great plans we have in store with Kristen and the rest of the LMC team.

Sarah Gazi, Director of Association Management, commented on her new role:
The opportunity to work for such an incredible company, doing what I love to do, is a dream come true. The launch of The LMC Groups’ Association Command division could not have come at a better time and I happily jumped at the chance to be a part of it.


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