Jack Buchanan Las Vegas Discusses the Pandemic’s Affect on the Court System

Jack Buchanan Las Vegas recently discussed the pandemic’s affect on court systems around the country.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, April 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted daily life around the globe. For attorneys like Jack Buchanan Las Vegas, this is especially evident in the justice system. Law firms, courts, prisons, and jails have all undergone drastic changes, and in some instances complete closures, due to COVID-19. Buchanan recently discussed specific ways the coronavirus pandemic has affected court systems and more.

“Courts around Nevada and across the country have been handling the pandemic differently,” Jack Buchanan Las Vegas said. “For instance, the Supreme Court postponed oral arguments for months, and many regional jurisdictions excused people over the age of 60 from jury duty. However, Criminal Defense Attorneys have remained in the courts, seeking justice for their clients.”

The changes the pandemic has brought about for the court system are unprecedented, from law enforcement and correctional facilities to the supreme court. Buchanan explained that courts at nearly every level have canceled some proceedings or postponed them indefinitely. The U.S. Supreme Court building closed its doors and some jury trials have now been canceled for an entire year.

Jack Buchanan Las Vegas stated that some in-person hearings and conferences have been on hold for roughly one year and have been replaced by teleconferences and tele-hearings. However, Criminal Defense Attorneys have continued to make in-person court appearances to defend their clients. Although, these now come with masks and a variety of other safety precautions.

Meanwhile, the daily actions of law enforcement officers have changed drastically too. Many departments have chosen to provide citations instead of arrests whenever possible, limiting arrests for more serious infractions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also implemented new regulations for law enforcement officials.

“Correctional facilities have been greatly affected by the pandemic,” Jack Buchanan Las Vegas said. “Jails have been major hotspots for spreading of the virus, as so many people live together in close quarters. This has resulted in major changes to the justice system.”

Jack Buchanan explained that in addition to citations in lieu of arrests, jail admissions have been reduced. Similarly, individuals who are eligible for release from jails and prisons have been released. Officials have been advised again unnecessary contact, and medical copays have been eliminated for COVID testing and medical visits in prisons and jails.

“All of these actions have been put in place to slow the spread of the virus,” Jack Buchanan Las Vegas said. “However, some of them have brought some positive changes to the justice system. A reduction in prison and jail admissions has the potential to save taxpayers money, especially if some crimes can be met with citations or other measures as opposed to jail time.”

Jack Buchanan, Las Vegas resident finished by explaining that the justice system has been turned upside down by the pandemic. However, he hopes some positive changes regarding law enforcement, jail admissions, and several unnecessary court processes will remain after the pandemic has passed.

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