Is there a history involved in Slot Machine Games?

The history behind slot machine games is one that baffles many igamers from all over the world because of how inherent we begin to feel like slot games are to us. Have they not been around since the dawn of time, enticing plebs and kings with their jackpots and promising gold to messiahs?

It can be easy to assume that slot machine games’ history involved little else than being set up in a casino to attract new players and then getting developed online, however, they do have a bit more lore about them that you may never have known about.

Not only do the machines often feel ancient, but they have a rather abstract origin that may be seemingly unrelated to their vast uses nowadays – play Aloha! free. For you history nuts, we have the complete guide on how slot machine games came to be what they are today!

The History of Slot Machine Games

The slot machine has come a very long way from its humble beginnings, so much so that you might not even recognise what an original slot machine would look like, let alone how it plays. Aside from this, historians debate over the history of slot machine games but fear not because we have the comprehensive timeline on the history of slot machine games.

Buckle up, this will be a wild ride!

1.       The Mid19th Century – The first stop on the route of the history of slot machines is to the gum dispensaries that were offered to children in the 1800s. Kids would have an opportunity to randomise which chewing gum they would receive by pulling a lever and seeing the various fruits roll along. Whichever came up, that’s the flavour you got!

2.       The Late19th Century – Punters and bettors cotton on to the addictive nature of slot machines and turn them into a coin and jackpot-based game in 1891.

3.       The 20th Century – People begin to play slot machine games more and more as they get more famous and the snowball begins to stick up more traction. Casinos in every country around the world are hosting the much-loved slots!

4.       The Late 20th Century – In the late 80s and through the 90s, the internet age begins, and we see a resurgence in gambling, this time it is on the net. Players can now play casino games from the comfort of their own home and need not go to the casino to score big.

5.       The 21st Century – The history of our slot machines rests here as we live it. Games are on mobile phones and laptops which can be taken anywhere played at any time, and won by anyone!


The history of the slot machine game is certainly a wild one and it is not slowing down. From its humble beginnings as a child’s sweet dispensary to its mobility these days due to electronic devices and data connections, the slot machines have travelled the world gifting people with thrills and wins. Who knows where it will go next!

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