Introducing InfantDry: The 100% Natural, Talc-Free Baby Powder



Designed For Delicate, Sensitive Skin, Infant Dry Uses 4 Natural Ingredients to Ensure Safety and Efficiency

WEST HAVEN , UTAH, UNITED STATES , April 6, 2021 / — Every parent knows the cry; the diaper rash, irritated skin cry that leaves many parents feeling helpless to soothe their little one. While many baby powders do offer instant relief, what is the cost? The marketplace is saturated with chemical-filled formulas with a heavy reliance on talcum powder, which contains asbestos. InfantDry, the newest all-natural baby powder to hit the market, is here to dry the rash and the tears without doing any harm. 100% natural, talc-free and safe to use, InfantDry is rapidly becoming the tried and true solution for parents everywhere.

Founded by Squeaky Cheeks and developed by Professional Products Group, InfantDry’s proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients packs a punch. Using four simple ingredients found in nature, InfantDry is guaranteed to dry and calm irritated skin, without the harmful impact of chemicals and talcum powder.

InfantDry’s one-of-a-kind formula includes:

Arrowroot — used to treat common skin rashes
Bentonite Clay — used to calm inflamed and irritated skin
Slippery Elm Bark — FDA proven topical pain reliever
Rice Concentrate — helps keep the baby powder smooth and gentle

The pain every parent feels from seeing their little one in pain is atrocious, and helping with harmful chemicals is simply not an option for most. Now, parents can know exactly what they are using to help their baby, with ingredients they can pronounce, scientifically proven to work. Unnecessary tears can now be replaced with laughter, and concerns replaced with peace of mind. Parents from all over the country have taken to social media to share their experience with InfantDry, and how the unique formula changed their household.

“Before using InfantDry we had tried nearly everything! Most baby powders clump and don’t apply smoothly. Since using InfantDry, not only has my baby’s rash disappeared but it has also helped cut down on the cost of trying various other products and also more expensive products. It’s been awesome to see the results go from such terrible skin irritations & rashes to not having to worry about those issues anymore.” — Tanner R., Customer

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to purity; InfantDry’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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About InfantDry

InfantDry is an all-natural baby powder designed for delicate, sensitive skin. Manufactured by Squeaky Cheeks and developed by Professional Products Group based in Utah, InfantDry’s proprietary formula use only four all-natural ingredients that help restore irritated skin such, as diaper rash, and prevent it from coming back. InfantDry, keeps purity and safety at the forefront of their product by using talc-free ingredients that nourish the skin. Professional Products Group has a management team with over 30 years of combined experience. Together they cover all aspects of inventing new brands including product discovery, research, development, manufacturing, branding, logistics, and most importantly, creating a marketplace to go with them.



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