International healthcare pioneers land and expand in Luxembourg House of MedTech for European impact

Dr Jeremy Ting, President & Cofounder of Naluri

Dr Jeremy Ting, President & Cofounder of Naluri

House of MedTech- Accelerate Impact Logo

House of MedTech- Accelerate Impact

Leesa Soulodre, General Partner R3i Ventures & Chief EIR at the House of MedTech

Leesa Soulodre, General Partner R3i Ventures & Chief EIR at the House of MedTech

The House of MedTech provides accelerated digital health and medtech commercialisation pathways between the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Our collaboration with the LIH will validate Naluri for obesity prevention, cardiometabolic diseases and mental health. Our new European HQ puts us on a CE Mark approval path for international scale.”

— President and Co-founder, Dr Jeremy Ting.

LUXEMBOURG, April 6, 2021 / — International healthcare pioneers Naluri, Hoppe Alliance, Stemiglobal, Meracle Health, DroneSec, and Viewmind, have landed in the Luxembourg House of MedTech to accelerate their European impact. These pioneers play an active role in the digital transformation of healthcare, working closely with payers, industry & governments on personalized medicine & the transition to value-based care. The latest cohort hails from Malaysia, the United States, Slovakia, Australia, Argentina and Singapore.

As societies struggle to cope with ageing populations, demand for quality healthcare will continue to rise exponentially across the world. In fact, the medical technology market in Asia is poised to grow to about $133 billion this year, surpassing the European Union as the second-largest market globally. Yet in Asia, 80% of all MedTech is imported. Changing demographics, rising healthcare costs, shifting consumer expectations and lack of healthcare practitioners are necessitating a change in the model of care. 41 million people already die prematurely from preventable chronic illnesses every year, representing 70% of all deaths.

To address this market opportunity, Naluri has developed a digital chronic disease prevention platform proven to improve chronic physical and mental health risks more effectively than medication alone and ten times as cost-efficient and accessible.

Viewmind provides a novel digital biomarker diagnostic, which predicts with up to 98% accuracy if Mild Cognitive Impairment will eventually develop into Alzheimer’s Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia or related pathologies, years before common symptoms are visible. Viewmind’s digital biomarker also measures whether cognitive therapies are working or not and shows promising results in assessing the mental impact on patients suffering from Long-COVID.

Meracle Health’s Whizz smart spacer helps optimize COVID, Asthma and COPD respiratory medication delivery for children and the elderly.

Stemiglobal is a MedTech platform company that helps the healthcare system save lives, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes by reducing the unnecessary time delays that cause avoidable deaths in the most time-sensitive life-threatening cases of myocardial infarction, stroke, and trauma.

Drones are increasingly used in healthcare to modernize the last mile in medical deliveries and bridge gaps in access. They serve a medical purpose by shuttling drugs, defibrillators and other equipment to emergency sites or care facilities. DroneSec provides the drone production industry with hardening and safety guidelines to ensure the proliferation of safer, more security-oriented drone operations.

Hoppe Alliance is landing “Hope Tech”, a first-of-its-kind, unified SasS and Services Marketplace where B2B medical supply transactions close with agility, security, and transparency, empowering buyers and suppliers from all corners of the healthcare to complete trade ethically and effectively.

This Cohort is tapping the Luxembourg Healthcare and Logistics Cluster to forge their companies European Headquarters. They aim to tap into the regions elite multicultural talent pool, non-dilutive grant pathways, and access to capital to rapidly land and expand into the region.

The House of MedTech 2021 Luxembourg Calling Programs, backed by R3i Ventures, deliver a no equity, personalized, intensive three-month “land and expand” program, followed by a six-month in-market and capital focused incubation program. Founders for the House of MedTech are selected from the domains of personalized diagnostics, digital health, medical devices, neurotech, digital therapeutics, and the future of food and agritech.

R3i’s network of Entrepreneur in Residence Navigators include seasoned international VCs, experts in healthcare and diagnostics innovation, IP, brand protection and anti-counterfeit, big data, cybersecurity, R&D, and artificial intelligence, tapped from the world’s leading research Universities, Hospitals, and Venture Capital firms.

The world’s first AI-startup coach Marlee and resident Fingerprint for Success mentors provide the cohort with high-performance coaching and wellness support. This award-winning coaching program is proven to predict 90% of founders’ startup success.

The House of MedTech program aims to create 120 new jobs per year, contributing to the diversification of the Luxembourg economy, up-skilling and inclusivity of the labour workforce. An annual impact report measures the House of MedTech’s societal and economic outcomes.

“R3i invest in cognitively diverse teams who want to disrupt an industry or create a new market through an unproven solution. Contributing to personalized medicine and the transition to value-based care is a great purpose for venture capital and a powerful enabler for accelerating impact,” stated Leesa Soulodre, General Partner of R3i Ventures and the Chief Entrepreneur in Residence. “Today, approximately 1 in 5 unicorns are deeptech. Our R3i House of MedTech ecosystem was designed to make a contribution to improving outcomes and saving lives, while also ensuring the delivery of markups, and impact.”

With the support of the Luxembourg Healthcare Cluster and the regional Research institutes, R3i is pipelining entrepreneurs into regulatory and reimbursement pathways and securing opportunities for commercial scale. The House of MedTech also provides an exclusive co-venturing, procurement outsourcing, and open innovation partner platform for corporates, venture capital firms, and family offices.

With its home bases in Singapore, Luxembourg and Silicon Valley, the R3i mission through its House of MedTech and House of DeepTech programs is to make a measurable contribution to transforming societies and healthcare worldwide. Leveraging the Smart City Leadership of Singapore, and Luxembourg in Europe, R3i takes an active, hands-on approach that leverages commercialization and domain expertise to create, design, nurture, scale and exit cross border. The team scour the world’s startup ecosystems, seeking out early-stage DeepTech/MedTech companies built by cognitively diverse teams, with the potential to go global and take advantage of the unique advantages of Singapore and the EU DeepTech funding initiatives.

Applications are now open online for the next cohort.

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