Innovative New Social E-Commerce App ‘World’ Over Reached it’s Funding Goal at Indiegogo

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE, USA, April 6, 2021 / — World, a new app designed for social e-commerce users, brings buyers, sellers, and affiliate marketing together on one platform designed to reward content creators with commissions, sellers with sales, and buyers with access to exciting new products.

To raise funds for further development and expand their user acquisition initiatives, the developers of the World app are using their Indiegogo campaign to offer attractive packages and discounts for early adopters and backers. There are four types of seller accounts: “Grand Seller,” “Premium Seller,” “VIP Seller,” and “World Best Seller”.

However, as part of investing in the campaign, sellers can grab the benefits of any of these seller account types at massive discounts. For example, a World Best Seller account would cost $2,400 on an annual subscription. Those who are interested in the perks and access that this type of account offers can purchase the “World Best Seller for a Year” reward when backing the campaign for $1,000, which is a 58 percent discount.

The World app aims to create a social community of engaged users who want the benefit of an app that connects them to others’ engaging and creative content, new products, and even the chance to earn affiliate commissions using their content.

Affiliates and content creators who plan to earn money using the World app can simply create and upload content that specifically features a seller’s product on the social media platform. Customers who are creators themselves, or those who simply like what they see and want to shop on World, can follow the affiliate codes provided by content creators, received from sellers, for easy and secure purchase. This also adds an extra layer of protection for sellers because they only pay a commission on products that are actually sold by an influencer or content creator, rather than having to invest thousands of dollars up front for brand visibility.

To reach their stretch goals, expand their user base prior to their intended February 2022 release, and reward their investors even further, the World development team is currently offering a 12 percent commission on every dollar that backers help to raise for the campaign.

Backers receive further rewards for any future investors they refer who then contribute financially to the campaign. For example, a user could refer 1,000 backers to contribute to the campaign. If each of these individuals contributes a minimum of $1, the original backer will receive the Grand Seller/Affiliate package or account type free for one year, which is a reward totaling $360.

With plenty of familiar social functions such as sponsored ads, verified shop badges, push alerts, and content feeds, World aims to create a whole new world of social e-commerce.

Irina Mihaela Mihalache
World Platform, Inc.

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