Inertia Hydrovac, offering clients industry leading technology since 2014 have launched their new website

Inertia Hydrovac-Hydrovac Services

Inertia Hydrovac – Quality Hydrovac Services

Inertia Hydrovac-Industry leading equipment

Inertia Hydrovac only uses industry leading equipment

Inertia Hydrovac- Dewatering & Jetting services

Inertia Hydrovac- Offers Dewatering & Jetting Services

Alberta Environment Approved Hydrovac Slurry Disposal Facility

Our Hydrovac Slurry Disposal Facility is Approved by Alberta Environment

Inertia Hydrovac- remote capabilities

Inertia Hydrovac trucks have remote capabilities

Inertia Hydrovac serving clients in Calgary, Alberta and BC have launched a new website with amazing customer service. They are available 24/7/365.

Inertia Hydrovac has changed the local construction services landscape providing complete hydrovac solutions offering clients industry-leading technology, experienced staff, and 24/7 customer service.”

— Brent Harper

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, April 2, 2021 / — Inertia Hydrovac was established in 2014, and since then, it has expanded the local construction services to a broader horizon. Inertia puts in extra effort in making the sites they work on safe and secure while delivering quality services. They have now launched a new website that explains all their significant services like hydrovac, dewatering, jetting and material disposal services in Calgary and surrounding areas. They also have an in-house Alberta Environment approved Hydrovac Slurry disposal facility that separates slurry into clean rock, soil, and water using revolutionary mechanical separation techniques. Additionally, their new website also features the past projects that they have worked on so you can see the quality of work they provide. Inertia’s industry-leading hydrovac and excavation trucks are the perfect resources for any job. Their services are highly used by utility, construction, environmental, and oil & gas companies to safely locate underground utilities and structures.

Hydrovac excavation is a premier method of non-destructive ground disturbance. It works by using high-pressure water to loosen soils and a powerful vacuum system to remove the resultant slurry into a truck-mounted tank unit for disposal. Inertia Hydrovac has invested in the most productive hydrovac trucks on the market to do the job right. Their new lightweight hydrovac fleet can haul more material than ever before, automatically saving cost and increasing efficiency by reducing the number of dumps required to get a job done. Their crews have access to vac trucks, and all of their trucks are equipped with remote capabilities.

To complement their hydrovac services, Inertia Hydrovac also offers dewatering trucks for dewatering and jetting services. With years of expertise and a well-trained crew, Inertia’s team can scope and dewater manholes throughout Calgary and its surrounding areas. Another aspect that makes Inertia Hydrovac stand out is its exceptional customer service. The dispatch team and crews at Inertia pride themselves on constant and effective communication with customer crews for water removal. With their primary focus on customer service, they can dispatch a large fleet of trucks to get it done, whatever the job may be. Unique jobs that include the entry and cleaning of Stormceptors, Oil Grit Separators, Oil Water Separators, and Stormwater Interceptors require crews to work in confined spaces. Inertia has the right equipment and training needed to make confined space work efficient and straightforward. Tripods, winch systems, fall protection, air monitors, air movement systems, manhole guards, and more all make it possible to get the job done effectively.

Moreover, the Alberta Environment approved hydrovac slurry disposal facility helps Inertia remain environmentally responsible. They handle hydrovac slurry safely by eliminating run-off into waterways resulting from improper (and illegal) disposal of hydrovac material on private land. Especially while working with the Alberta Environment, the facility is fully approved and meets all containment, testing, and material handling requirements of the Alberta Environment. It is crucial to understand where your hydrovac material is disposed of when it leaves the site. Inertia’s complete material transparency and tracking allow customers to see where, when, and how their material is processed as it tracks every kilogram of hydrovac slurry material that enters or leaves the facility and records it to provide traceability and total transparency.

Their primary focus on customer service, site safety and their well-experienced and highly trained crew, and industry-leading equipment, gives them the capability to evolve and adapt to any job of any size. Their data-driven approach allows transparency to their customers about safety statistics through their list of trusted compliance partners mentioned on their new website ( From utility, construction to oil & gas companies, Inertia Hydrovac has pushed the boundaries of what a hydrovac company could achieve. If you are in need of hydrovac services and are in the Alberta or BC region visit ( or call 587-757-1000 to speak with an Inertia representative. They are available 24/7 and look forward to serving you.

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