I Love Me Juicery launches its campaign to revolutionize the juice industry, spread LOVE tokens, and promote self love

Organic cold-pressed juice: Joy – Orange, Apple. Ginger & Chia Seeds

Female-owned I Love Me Juicery launches a campaign through IFundWomen, to raise awareness around the importance of self-love

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, March 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — I Love Me Juicery is not your ordinary juice company—it was created to help people discover healthier, more holistic lives through self-love. After a year of global turmoil and community disconnect in 2020, I Love Me Juicery is determined to start the healing process. The company has launched its first location in Las Vegas, Nevada, and plans to roll-out locations in multiple states within the coming months to maximize reach to more customers across the United States. Centered on disruption and innovation, I Love Me Juicery breaks the mold of the traditional longstanding 10-year leased brick and mortar juice store. Rather than commit overhead to retail shopfronts, they utilize a hybrid business model with only a few annual pop-up brick-and-mortar locations while optimizing cloud-kitchens, which are purpose-built to produce food and beverage for delivery and pick-up only. By reducing risk, capital investment, and overheads, the juicers can all maintain the highest level of quality and focus on the end product, while spending more resources on their ultimate mission—teaching us the value of loving ourselves and being confident while doing so.

The I Love Me Team has specially formulated its nine debut organic cold-pressed juice recipes to elevate mental clarity, improve moods, and support high-vibe living. I Love Me Juicery describes high-vibe living as making the conscious decision to be holistically healthy and happy, and generating the elevated energy to realize your ambitions. It starts with having a positive connection between the mind and body—because a healthier stomach creates a happier mind. The idea of juice being the catalyst of self-love was born from a deep, personal search for radical self-love and acceptance. Heartbroken after years of family trauma and tragedy, the juicery’s founder, Susan Alba, was looking for answers. Susan began extracting juices from natural, organic plants as a form of self-care. She found solace and healing in Mother Nature, but ultimately, from the simple commitment of caring for herself. What started as an exploration of healthy living ultimately led to a journey of deep self-love.

The other unique aspect of I Loves Me Juicery’s operations is its use of blockchain technology. Introducing, LOVE Tokens, a community utility token that can be stored in any ERC-20 compatible crypto-wallet. A LOVE Token is essentially a digital password to a community of health-minded, socially-conscious individuals that care about empowerment and personal development. Holding a LOVE token provides you with exclusive benefits including access to self-love and women’s empowerment community discussions, discounted pricing on all products, access to I Love Me Wellness sessions, and more. Not only that, but it is also a digital badge of honor representing each token holder’s commitment to self-love, and with that comes the power of voting on internal decisions that would otherwise be made by a small few.

I Love Me Juicery is on a mission to spread love. To contribute and receive your LOVE Tokens and awesome rewards today, simply visit ifundwomen.com/projects/i-love-me-juicery or CLICK ME. Contributions of $500 and above will earn you 30 digital LOVE Tokens, amongst other huge rewards!!!

About I love me juicery

I Love Me Juicery is an organic cold-pressed juice company based in Las Vegas, NV.

Using only 100% organic, vegan ingredients and bottled in sustainable packaging, I Love Me Juicery is committed to creating the highest quality product with zero ethical concerns to weigh on your conscience. Their single bottles and subscription boxes are now available to order online at ilovemejuicery.com, directly via delivery apps, and local-drop off delivery in Las Vegas, with 5% of profits dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of self-love.

Why self-love? It is estimated that 85% of the world’s population is affected by low self-esteem. We want to change that. As proven by many psychology studies, self-love is key for mental health and well-being, keeping depression and anxiety at bay, and live a fulfilling life. By growing and uplifting the self-love-driven community around us, we want to make a positive change in the world.

I Love Me Juicery’s juices are a constant reminder that your glass isn’t half-full; it’s overflowing.

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