How To Get A Flat On Outskirts of Main City Without a Job

If you have to move to a new city and do not have a fixed income source, then finding a flat is going to be a big hurdle for you. This is a common misconception and people get discouraged and never try to find a flat for them even on the outskirts of the main city because they don’t have a job. As someone who successfully moved into a new flat even without a job, I thought of writing this article give tips for anyone finding it difficult to get a new flat because they cannot show a fixed income or job.

Research about Real Estate

If you have decided to move to a new city, then the first thing you should do before searching for a flat on rent is research about the real estate situation in and around the city. This is important because different areas have different rent and property rates, by knowing where to look you will make it easier for you to find the best-suited locality that is also within your budget.

Get a Guarantor

A guarantor or a co-signer concept may not be common in India but many young people who are just out of college and looking to get a plat before their first job can use this option. If a landlord is not letting you rent the flat because you don’t have a job, then you can ask the parents of anyone from your family to be a co-signer of the rent agreement. When I was studying and needed a flat in Ashoka Liviano I did the same thing and worked just fine.

Keep a Good Bank Balance

If there is one thing that will satisfy the landlord, it is a healthy bank balance. This is a sure way of ensuring you can easily get any flat on rent on the outskirts even without a job. When signing any rental agreement the landlord is only worried about whether he/she will get the rent on time. When they check your bank statements and see that you have enough money to pay rent for many months, you will easily get the agreement done.

Have Cash Ready for Deposit

Deposit is an essential part of any rental agreement in India. Landlords take a huge amount (usually 2 or 3 months’ worth of rent) as a deposit as a security for any damages to the property. If you can show that the deposit amount is ready and you can show it in your account or cash, the chances of you getting the rent agreement signed will increase!

Explore Smaller Rent Agreements

There might be a situation where you find a flat that suits perfectly according to your requirement. But, the landlord is not too keen on taking you in as a paying guest. Usually, a rent cycle lasts 11 months, after which you can either extend it or leave the house. In special cases, you can try to reduce the agreement to 5 months and then extend it, giving the option to the landlord completely!

I hope the above points that I have mentioned are informative and that you find a flat outside the main city with ease.

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