Holt Fitness Pivots to Online Coaching Amid the Pandemic

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2021 / It’s not a secret that health and fitness have taken a more significant priority in people’s lives as of late. But the challenge often lies in finding a program or coach that provides a holistic approach. Some are too heavy on exercising, while some have an unbalanced bias to nutrition. Fitness training company Holt Fitness delivers a holistic solution that considers every aspect of a person’s life and has built highly-effective programs around them. Even amid the pandemic, they’ve figured out a way to coach people while keeping in mind the COVID protocols.

Based in New York City, New York, Holt Fitness is a fitness coaching company with a unique approach to training. The program focuses on injury prevention first to provide more longevity to a person’s journey to wellness. Many people suffer injuries through their regimens, which end up cutting their progress and sending people back to square 1. Holt Fitness avoids that by helping people determine their weaknesses, turn them into strengths, and prevent injury through their fitness process.

Holt’s training philosophy is built around educating their clients, so they feel confident in performing exercises and eating well, while at the same time giving them a detailed plan that keeps them on track and accountable. Company founder Christopher Holt explained, “At Holt Fitness, we feel a great sense of success not just when someone loses weight or builds muscle, but also when a client’s mindset grows, and they feel strong, comfortable, and confident in their own skin.”

Holt Fitness aims to empower its clients to do more outside of the training environment and build the necessary tools to become successful at work and life. Its programs emphasize the overall health of a person, taking into consideration one’s mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being on top of the physiological.

Amid COVID-19 protocols, Holt Fitness has shifted to more virtual sessions, providing online fitness coaching that has helped numerous clients experience more confidence, energy, and strength than they ever have before. Even without the face-to-face interaction, Coach Christopher provides an enjoyable and educational experience while teaching people how to have more agency over their fitness routines and overall health.

The Holt Fitness philosophy revolves around well-roundedness, providing not just strength but also flexibility and endurance. In a time and age where people feel more tired than ever due to the increasing demands of their careers, families, and other commitments, Holt aims to give people the key to facing every hurdle with more than enough stamina.

The company thrives in guiding people through the process of feeling and being their best at all times. Holt Fitness emphasizes client success and happiness and crafts complete plans that adjust to people’s busy schedules and not the other way around. With their virtual sessions, busy and overwhelmed professionals will get the chance to take control of their health despite their jam-packed schedules. To learn more about the fitness company, visit its Facebook page.

Company: Holt Fitness
Phone: (917) 903-9571
Email: chris@holtt.com
Website: www.holtfit.com

SOURCE: Holt Fitness

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