Hertz Receives 150% Spike in Sales Upon Partnership with Telgani, KSA’s Only Car Rental Delivery and Pick-Up App

Telgani Users Can Have a Rental Car Delivered to Their Location With the Touch of a Button Within the KSA

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, March 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the past year, numerous industries around the world have suffered immensely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The car rental industry is no exception. As shutdowns continued to extend in various regions, and travel ceased, the need and use of rental vehicles began to dwindle around the world. The car rental industry, along with passenger mobility, suffered a decrease in demand over 60% in just a couple of months. Eager to deliver modern solutions within the KSA, Hertz , a global leader in car rentals, sought and innovative partnership that would soon boost sales to unprecedented heights through digital transformation. Hertz sought partnership with Telgani, the KSA’s leading mobility and car rental services. Within a few months, this strategic partnership helped Hertz and Telgani harness a 150% spike in sales, that allowed both companies to not only survive this global change, but thrive within it. 

Founded in 2018, Telgani is the first solution in the region due to its unique business model and user experience. Available on all iOS and Android devices, Telgani connects users with rental car providers in the area to book the perfect vehicle for any customer’s needs directly from the Telgani app. Fast, efficient, and affordable, Telgani offers guaranteed booking and deliver the car straight to the customer’s doorstep.

Six months into the pandemic, Hertz alone delivered over 2,500 vehicles through its partnership with Telgani. Both companies innovate new model in which customer receive a sanitized, clean car within less than 1hr from the order to his doorsteps. To adapt to the increasing demand and customer needs, Hertz integrated a new fleet featuring wide range of vehicle options and first introduced into Saudi Market. customer can book anything from Mini cooper, Jeep, Doge RAM, BMW and many other cars. Customers of Telgani are afforded modern conveniences that the car rental industry has yet to see, with an intense focus on customer service and satisfaction.

Historically, care rentals within MENA region have been a hassle for users. From low quality service, to loads of paperwork and incredibly long waiting time; the process of renting a car was far too tedious for the everyday traveler. Now, Telgani makes this process as simple as ordering a meal.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to customer convenience; Hertz and Telgani’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition. As Telgani begins welcoming more partners, they will be looking to enhance services to include premium features in the upcoming year.

To learn more about Telgani, please visit: https://telgani.com/ar/home

About Telgani

Telgani is the only car rental delivery and pick-up app serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2018, Telgani connects users with available car rental suppliers to provide them with their idea car rental, booked directly on the app and delivered to their door in under. Customers are provided with the convenience of free delivery to their doorstep, as well as free pick-up from anywhere within the KSA, to create a seamless process for any user on the go. Through strategic innovations and partnerships, Telgani and Its partners have effectively redefined the modern car rental industry in the KSA, helping brands such as Hertz catapult their sales and provide massive returns.



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