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Professional Headshots for Business

Professional Headshots for Business

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles - Commercial and Theatrical Looks

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles – Commercial and Theatrical Looks

Sessions Now Mostly Consist of Two Types with Options Rather Than Many Types with Few Options

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Headshots by The Light Committee, an award-winning greater Los Angeles headshot studio, has simplified its sessions and pricing to make it even easier for clients to understand what they are receiving in a headshot session and for how much. The new options center more around time per session rather than a number of looks per session.

The online booking web page for the studio has sessions for actors, business professionals, models, creative professionals, social media profiles, and lifestyle shoots. Before this change, each of these sessions had four to six session options and many options within each session. Now most sessions have just two options with fewer options than before since the new sessions have more options already included.

For example, an actor headshot session now has an option for a session that has a single look and retouch and a second session option for unlimited looks with two retouches. This is true of sessions for business professionals and creative professionals too. The unlimited looks session is capped by a certain amount of time allowed. But a client can add an option for more time, in 15-minute increments, if they know they will want more looks than the main session time allows for.

The modeling session is similar, though it has a modeling digitals session in place of the one-look session. The location / lifestyle headshot session now has an option for a two-look or six-look session with a capped amount of time. Finally, the newest session option for professional social media photography is based on one hour in-studio and one hour outdoors. One session is ideal for influencers or others seeking to make their social media profiles pop or standout compared with most people that use basic smartphone cameras to take and post photos. The other social media shoot is geared towards brand that want to feature a product on a model in a no-fuss lifestyle session.

About Headshot Services
The studio provides professional headshots, lifestyle shots, modeling digitals, and social media shoots for any persons desiring such services. Commonly, these include for acting. Also, corporate or entrepreneurs and other business professionals use Headshots by The Light Committee services for websites and LinkedIn headshots, or for ERAS® medical residency headshots. Modeling digitals needed for agency submissions are also a service provided. Other clients include people wanting dating profile photos, graduation portraits, and more. Finally, the studio also provides mobile headshot services for business teams wanting photos made at their own office location.

Complete details about how a session works, and online booking, can be found online. Contact information for inquires is on the website too.

About Headshots by The Light Committee
To learn about the studio, visit the Google listing. Headshots by The Light Committee, 699 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA, 91205, serves greater Los Angeles. Customers can also call or message 1-818-300-9434. The studio offers headshots for actors, business professionals (doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, CEOs, etc.), models, authors, musicians, and more. From more than 1,200 photographers researched in 2019, Expertise.com rated Headshots by The Light Committee as being in the top one percent best portrait photographers in Los Angeles, and top 10 in Glendale in 2020. More information can be found at the company website.

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