H.I.S. Collaboration with Port to deepen the world of Online Travel

H.I.S. seeks to find possibilities of co-creation of new businesses with startup companies

H.I.S. has invested in start-up company, Port, to make online travel more interactive and accessible in a post-coronavirus era

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — H.I.S. USA Holding, Inc. (CEO: Hideo Hatano) is announcing its investment in Port Remote Pte. LTD. (CEO: Philip Man), in hopes of expanding and collaborating to create a new business platform that utilizes smartphones to access areas remotely during the time of Coronavirus and travel post-Coronavirus. Travel guides will showcase sight-seeing spots with the use of their smartphone to make visible to viewers around the world.

As the world will increasingly be dependent upon online communication due to the prolonged effects of Coronavirus, there will be an increase in demand for “online travel experiences” via video conferencing platforms. H.I.S. was one of the early adopters to develop online tours, creating services accessible for even those who are limited or unable to physically travel to the actual destinations. Last summer, a pilot program with Port for remote tourism was conducted to verify that remote tourism enhances the experience value.

In the future, H.I.S. plans to promote Port as a platform for travel agencies, private guides, and other related companies, aiming for a world where travel and human connection with the local people can be had without having to meet physically.

H.I.S. will keep on making an effort to develop new businesses with help from ambitious start-ups around the world to become a company that our customers could enjoy and benefit from.

About Port Remote Pte. Ltd.
Port is the travel company for the remote era. Led by CEO Philip Man, it is established in May 2020 in Singapore and it enables leisure and business travelers to book guides around the world and receive live video calls to experience destinations with real-time walking tours or visit events and venues they can’t physically go to. The live video calls are done through Port’s own 2-way video call solution that is optimized for remote travel with features such as remote camera movement control, photo-taking, real-time guide location tracking, and more. Tours and remote guides can be booked on their website and mobile apps and they also work with destination marketers and travel agencies to help them get started in remote tours.

About H.I.S. Group
Founded in 1980 in Japan, H.I.S. Group provides services all around travel. The multinational travel agency holds 148 group companies and over 18,000 employees in 64 countries worldwide. HIS not only provides travel packages to customers around the world but also owns and operates companies in hotels, theme parks, transportation, energy, robot, insurance, schools, communication industries. H.I.S. USA Holding, Inc., located in California, is a company that not only overlooks the entire H.I.S. branches in North America but also seeks to find possibilities of co-creation of new businesses with startup companies. The startup division currently operates mainly on the West Coast. Since 2019, H.I.S. USA has invested and R&D on companies in and out of the travel industry. Some industries include; entertainment, energy, agriculture, robotics, and retail. H.I.S. has the ability to test new technologies/services using its worldwide network as well as the large theme park they own in Japan before the products hit the intended market.

Satoshi Tobinaga
H.I.S. USA Holding

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