GF Oats ANZAC Biscuits’ Connection To The Land & Legacy

GF Oats ANZAC Biscuits April 25

Kylie Hollands, founder of GF Oats

ANZAC Biscuits that are gluten free

The special commemorative ANZAC Biscuit packs, a gluten free traditional ANZAC biscuit, is GF Oats’ way of making a positive impact in the community.

These biscuits are the first Anzac Biscuit to hit the Australian market using uncontaminated oats”

— Kylie Hollands

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, April 9, 2021 / — Sitting in the back of her parent’s car, dressed in her Sunday best, Kylie Martin and her siblings would endure a bumping dirt road drive into their home town, Springsure, in Central Qld, to take part in the annual ANZAC Day parade.

“It wasn’t as special as it is today. There was no dawn service and or crowds alongside the road. There was our family and smattering of other people standing around the memorial,” Kylie said.

“But to Mum, it was really important we understood the importance of the day and the sacrifice of those who served. Even though none of our family went to war, she shared with us the important connection our family has to the ANZAC story.”

Both sides of Kylie’s family are farmers. Going back to early 1900s, these pioneers settled in Monto and Springsure and the fruits of their labour fed a nation at war.

“Back then, farmers were exempt from serving because it was vital to keep agriculture going during the war,” Kylie said.

“Mum was a teacher who loved history, so to her it was important we understood what ANZAC Day meant. Even when my children were young, and hardly anyone came to a service, we always went, so they understood as well.”

This connection to ANZAC Day is what spurred Kylie on to create a traditional ANZAC Biscuit offering last year, when ANZAC Day parades were canceled due to COVID.

“ANZAC Day has meant so much to me since I was a little girl. Remembering those who served and also remembering those at home who kept the country going. These are important things to stay connected to,” she said.

GF Oats ANZAC Biscuits is now supporting Legacy. Legacy has a number of event fundraisers throughout the year including ANZAC Day, to raise funds for our service people. Last year, they couldn’t and I wanted to lend my support.”

This year, GF Oats has created ANZAC commemorative boxes to give back to Legacy, who support veteran families.

“We created these commemorative boxes for a few reasons – to deliver a biscuit that is nutritious, and delicious, to ensure people with intolerances or special dietary requirements don’t miss out on this traditional ANZAC Day treat, and to give back to Legacy,” Kylie said.

“The boxes include an ANZAC history quiz, and are packed beautifully with a rosemary or poppy inside.”

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