Funnelting launched a new innovative Recruitment Platform to create Equal Business Opportunities

A clear overview of incoming candidates

THE NETHERLANDS, April 7, 2021 / — The staffing business is since we know it an industry that barely innovates. Sure, technology made things easier, but it didn’t benefit hiring companies or job seekers. The large staffing multinationals expanded their services into a resumé collection business. Same as the large job-board platforms. Charging hundreds of dollars for job announcements and thousands of dollars for employee placements. 

This resulted that small, dedicated recruitment firms, are vanishing. And what is left are the billion-dollar multinationals. It is hard to compete against these firms. A fact is, that hiring companies prefer to do business with small independent recruiters. A few niche recruiters still exist, but their margins are extremely thin. The advertisement costs are so high, that the risk of non-placement, and losing money is bigger than potential earnings.

Funnelting, a Dutch-based startup, combined these aspects into a solution that benefits not only hiring companies, but also small recruiters ánd jobseekers. The innovation lies in FunnelRecruit™, a platform where companies can easier submit job applications, where small dedicated professionals have access to, and submit suitable candidates. With this solution companies save up on their recruitment expenses and simultaneously support small businesses. Another platform was developed especially for recruiters where they have access to an enormous talent pool.

Funnelting’s Founder and CEO Marlon van Horck; “What we see is an enormous shift in opportunities. Companies feel good about the fact that they help small businesses without losing the quality of building a healthy talent pipeline. And for the group who want to start their own recruitment firm, they have a good opportunity building up something profitable.

Funnelting Technologies B.V. was founded in 2018 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Next to the both platforms they also provide training and support for recruiters.

Marlon van Horck
Funnelting Technologies B.V.
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