Freedom Coach Gina Gayle Gray of Anywhere Mind Body & Soul to be Featured on Close Up Radio

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / — To live fully in balance and freedom, we must journey back to our True Highest Self.

Gina is a Freedom Coach and the founder of Anywhere Mind Body & Soul, where she guides clients on a transformational journey back to personal power and inner wisdom.

“If you are living in a state of overwhelm and feeling lost, trapped or empty, finding your way back to your True Self can seem unlikely,” says Gina, “but I believe our own best resources are inside of us.”

Gina’s signature Journey Back to Me program offers a blueprint to guide you back to your true self.

“No matter where you are on your life path, you can begin the worthwhile Journey Back To Me any day you choose,” says Gina. “My program is all about encouraging individuals to stop taking their guidance from outside of themselves and to learn to look within themselves.”

In 40 days, Gina can lead you from overwhelm and stress to balance, composure and vitality.

“We spend the first 10 days working on physical body issues, the second 10 days working on emotional body issues, the third 10 days on mental body issues, changing thought patterns to be more constructive and creative,” says Gina. “The fourth 10 days is when we get into the soul, our inner knowing, our Pearl. I want to guide people back to the Pearl within, and encourage everyone to Polish their Pearl, because that’s our connection to source and each other.”

It takes a deep commitment to yourself and it’s a never ending, lifelong process, says Gina, but as you grow that Pearl, your soul will guide you.

“I’ve got the flashlight and I’ll help them into those dark places because that’s what people need: a genuine hand reaching out to them.

“It’s my belief that every issue we have we can solve,” says Gina. “That’s what freedom is to me: the freedom to make our own choices, to create our own reality in every aspect of our life, mind, body, and soul. I hope that everyone will find their own Pearl and in doing so start to see every other human on the planet as having that Pearl inside.”

Close Up Radio will feature Gina Gayle Gray in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on April 8th at 3pm EST

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