Finsoft Accelerates Digitalization With Its End-To-End Suite of Joget Process Automation Solutions

Joget Open Source Low-Code Platform

Joget accelerating the digital transformation for partners and customers with its all-in-one low-code platform.

We are thankful to our partner, Finsoft Consulting, and customer, Chin Hin Group for taking on their digital transformation journey with our open source no-code/low-code platform, Joget DX.”

— Raveesh Dewan, CEO at Joget, Inc.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, March 22, 2021 / — Finsoft Consulting Sdn Bhd is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its end-to-end suite of Joget process automation solutions to Chin Hin Group Bhd, a market leader in the distribution of building materials and services in Malaysia. Chin Hin Group is on a quest for continuous process improvement to rapidly meet the demands and challenges of Industry 4.0. The group is a conglomerate consisting of 9 companies with fairly complex business processes, and one of their immediate objectives was to optimize their accounting function through process automation.

As this was the group’s first automation initiative, it was a challenging journey especially with frequent changes in defining the process during the early stages. Finsoft had adopted an agile methodology as opposed to the traditional “waterfall” method, to handle situations where at times a comprehensive change in the process was required from the original manual process. Without seeing the changes happening in real-time as you can see in Joget, the user would have had difficulty to picture and analyze the process that works best for them.

“The beauty about Joget is its no-code/low-code platform. We were able to build our solutions faster and accommodate changes more readily. No way could we do such a quick turnaround if we had to code.” said Dominic Gopal, Director of Finsoft Consulting Sdn Bhd’s Digital Transformation Unit.

“We are very pleased to work with Joget, not only for its software offerings, but also because the Joget team is highly responsive to our needs. Their support is commendable.” added Dominic.

According to Mr. Benedict Lee, COO of Chin Hin Group, “The group needs to evolve by improving our process efficiency, reducing cost, and enhancing delivery standards. Finsoft’s accounting process automation solutions are helping us to achieve this objective, as our experienced staff are freed from their mundane data entry work to focus on analytical and management roles, enabling our companies to be more competitive.”

Mr. Lee further commented, “We are also glad that we acquired the automated solutions before the country went into another movement control order (MCO 2.0) due to COVID-19. We are able to function more efficiently compared to the first MCO though we work remotely.”

“At Joget, we are focused on customer success and it energizes us when we see our customers leverage our platform to create solutions that drive business goals.” said Hugo Lim, VP of Customer Success at Joget, Inc.

About Joget, Inc.
Joget, Inc is the developer of the Joget open source no-code/low-code application platform. Joget empowers business users, non-coders or coders to create enterprise applications across industries and countries. With more than 200,000 downloads, 3,000 installations and 12,000 community users worldwide across various industries (including finance, manufacturing, IT, and more), Joget is a proven platform for a wide spectrum of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and small businesses.

About Finsoft Consulting Sdn Bhd
Finsoft Consulting Sdn Bhd is an official Joget partner, under the Joget Accredited Partnership Program. Finsoft Consulting is also a Level-2 implementation and support partner of Epicor ERP system and a specialist in Robotics Process Automation to optimize business processes for organizations to thrive in the IR 4.0 economy. Finsoft Consulting customizes mobile/connected operation and management solutions. With more than 20 years experience in the industry and 22 years experience in ERP system implementation and support, Finsoft Consulting is renowned for delivering quality services, from system planning, design, and implementation.

About Chin Hin Group Bhd
Chin Hin Group Bhd is an Integrated Builders Conglomerate that provides building material and services to the construction and building industries. Today, with sound fundamentals, Chin Hin Group is an integrated group with a diversified business portfolio comprising the distribution of building materials, one of the largest in Malaysia with an annual turnover exceeding RM900 million. Chin Hin Group also supplies ready mix concrete through multiple points of sales throughout the country and the manufacturing of building/construction products.

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