FeedPixel Launched New TikTok Calculator to Help Influencers Estimate Engagement and Earnings

New TikTok money calculator from FeedPixel

The new tool for TikTok creators

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The new TikTok calculator from FeedPixel estimates TikTok engagement rate, influencer earnings, and other key metrics in under 3 seconds

Eliminating redirects and adding changes to code helped to show up the results in roughly 3 seconds, which is two times faster than the old calculator.”

— Adam Lopez, FeedPixel CEO

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — This week, one of the most reputable social media marketing companies, FeedPixel, has announced the launch of its new TikTok calculator, a free tool for emerging influencers and bloggers.

A few days prior, FeedPixel launched its new multilingual website available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, and Portuguese, ready to welcome new visitors from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This week is time for the TikTok calculator to meet emerging and established TikTok influencers from around the world.

The new influencer tool estimates the average post and profile engagement and potential earnings per sponsored post and helps TikTok creators track important metrics at no cost. A fully online TikTok calculator, also known as TikTok money calculator, requires no more than a correct username to get the estimates. There are no distractive ads, surveys, or registration.
The data is displayed in two graphs – posts performance and posts engagement rate. The first graph shows the total number of video views, likes, shares, and comments of the last 50 posts, while the second one calculates their engagement rates. A brief overview of TikTok profile engagement and potential influencer earnings precedes both graphs. It is intended for users who want a quick look at the engagement and potential earnings without going much into details.

Compared to the previous version of the TikTok calculator and its alternatives, the new version with its detailed analysis of 11 key metrics is a step up. Improved speed allows a full TikTok profile review in about 3 seconds, and boasts a 97% accuracy rating, as Adam Lopez, FeedPixel CEO, has confirmed. Simply by entering their TikTok usernames, all users will be able to analyze their profiles, match them against other influencers on TikTok, and track profile growth.

“It was an interesting challenge for a small team of 6 developers, and they nailed it. Building a new response system to quickly and efficiently serve the results required a fresh look into the root of the problem. Eliminating redirects and adding changes to code helped to show up the results in roughly 3 seconds, which is two times faster than the old calculator. Most importantly, the new TikTok calculator’s accuracy increased by 12%, and today is 97%, as the recent results from the 90-day anonymous polling revealed. As developers, we enjoy the longstanding influencer culture and the fruits of intensive work and collaboration. Yet this is not the time for us to stop as FeedPixel continues to gather user feedback and respond accordingly”, said Adam Lopez announcing the launch of the calculator.

For more information about the new TikTok calculator from FedPixel visit the tool page at https://feedpixel.com/tiktok-money-calculator/

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