Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Jaimie Tucker Talks About Why Horses are Good For Little Girls

Growing up around horses provides little girls with useful life lessons

Riding horses and horsemanship instills discipline in young girls

Meet Influencer – Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger – Jaimie Tucker

‘Mommy + Me Outfits’ Fashionista & well-recognized Lifestyle Blogger Jaimie Tucker’s Take on Why Little Girls Should Develop Positive Hobbies Like Riding Horses

Sharing a love of horses and the opportunity to ride is a gift! It’s a way to overcome challenges & develop lifelong skills that will serve well over the course of a girl’s lifetime.”

— Jaimie Tucker,

BOSTON, RHODE ISLAND, USA , March 23, 2021 / — Lifestyle fashion and mom’s interest blogger, Jaimie Tucker ( continues spreading her influence in the blogging and mom’s interest space as she elaborates on “Why Horses are Good for Little Girls” in her latest blog post. In this beautifully written article, she dives into how hobbies such as horseback riding can provide the necessary tools for young women to develop helpful life skills such as: discipline, focus, accountability, compassion, perseverance, bravery, and confidence.

Tucker began riding horses at a young age, and now she is happy to continue sharing this experience with her two girls. She hopes to continue this tradition with her girls as she molds and shapes them into responsible, courageous females while having a little bit of fun.

Tucker goes on to share, “There is something about ponies and horses that little girls in particular find appealing. Maybe it’s their mystical beauty, those chiseled faces with long flowing manes and tails. It might also be the power a young girl feels as she leads or rides an animal ten times her weight. It could also be the confidence being around horses and ponies instills in a young girl. Trotting, cantering, and flying over jumps via horseback is harder than it looks and requires a certain level of perseverance and bravery. No matter what it is about horses that young girls find appealing, horses are good for girls.”

She continues to share, “sharing a love of horses with a young girl and giving them the opportunity to ride is a gift that gives so much. It’s the opportunity to overcome challenges and develop lifelong skills that will serve well over the course of a girl’s lifetime. Tucker shares a few of the many life lessons that being around horses can provide girls with, including the development of resilience, focus, compassion, responsibility, and the instilling of discipline. You can view the blog post at:

ABUOT JAIME TUCKER: Jaimie is the force behind the rapidly growing Instagram account @jaimie_tucker and the blog With her experience as a model in the fashion & beauty world, coupled with her Television presence and education (MBA), blogging and brand collaborations became a natural next step. Fusing storytelling and fashion with her entrepreneurial spirit, she has worked with notable national brands elaborating on the joys of her everyday life and family. From fashion, to home & family, to business hacks & best practices, Jaimie is seen by her followers as a trusted resource for the latest trends. You can also find her doing product reviews and showcasing the latest discounts along with easy hacks to enhance everyday life. She has appeared as a contributor on NBC, CBS, and FOX, sharing style and wellness content. Jaimie also regularly attends New York Fashion Week and is the mother of two little girls.

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