Factana announces the launch of SFactrix.ai to transform manufacturing into Smart Manufacturing

sfactrix.ai - Smart Factory Solution

sfactrix.ai – Smart Factory Solution

Factana is a SaaS company aiming to achieve Smart automation with the goal of ‘IoT for All’ through its Fogwing Industrial IoT platform and SaaS offerings!

BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, April 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Factana announces the launch of SFactrix.ai, a SaaS solution for Manufacturing. The SFactrix.ai is set to transform legacy Manufacturing to Smart Manufacturing of the revolutionary Industry 4.0. SFactrix.ai is engineered to facilitate Industrial Automation among Manufacturing Industries. To optimize factory operations much effectively, accurately and reliably, SFactrix.ai as a Software as a Service (Saas) solution takes the lead in resolving manual entry of operational data with a digital solution and prevents maintenance issues given the changing operational protocols and manufacturing methods.

SFactrix.ai as a premier software solution enables Digital Manufacturing Operations across the factory floor by capturing data through IoT connectors. SFactrix.ai as a key to Industry 4.0 is offered as Subscription software with cloud-hosted manufacturing intelligence along with mobility interfaces allowing for easy access. SFactrix.ai is also prebuilt with IoT integration using Fogwing IIoT Platform that calls for simply connecting and achieving process automation.

Work Order Management, Jobs Tracking, Asset Runtime Monitoring, OEE Metrics, OTE Reporting, Preventive Maintenance, Downtime Alert Notification, Maintenance Scheduler and Activity Logs become a Digital reality with SFactrix.ai onboard. No more paper entries, unexpected downtimes, unnoticed equipment failure/inefficiency and mismanaged logistics. Simply purchase a subscription online, plugin and revolutionize Manufacturing maintenance and monitoring with SFactrix.ai. SFactrix.ai powered by Artificial Intelligence permits automated Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) at all manufacturing capacities.

The release of SFactrix.ai benefits primarily Small and Medium manufacturing industries in each process of turning raw materials into finished goods through automated real-time monitoring that assures effective maintenance with preventative updates. Machine Performance Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) at all manufacturing capacities are closely monitored with SFactrix.ai Intelligence.

According to Microsoft’s IoT Signals, 94% of businesses state that they will be implementing IoT by the end of 2021. It is just about the right time to invest in your IIoT venture with Factana’s SFactrix.ai the Manufacturing Intelligence Solution!

In the words of Mr. Hariharan, Founder of Factana “We are excited to make this new SaaS offering to the SMB industry is our commitment and mission towards technology simplification. It is important to help manufacturing industries come up with the most cost-optimized products to reduce the product cost burden for consumers. Optimizing goods manufacturing is the key to a balanced global economy. Therefore, we invested and innovated SFactrix.ai as an AI-driven manufacturing intelligence solution which can be easily adopted by small and medium industries without major investment.”

About Factana, as a Cognitive IoT Company is with a mission of helping Small and Medium Enterprises achieve Industrial Automation by leveraging Industrial IoT and Intelligence technologies. Fogwing IIoT Platform, Fogwing Analytics Studio and Fogwing Eco are other products offered from Factana.
Implement IIoT based Manufacturing Intelligence with SFactrix.ai! Contact the Customer Success Team for more queries at sales@factana.com or submit your query at https://www.fogwing.io/contact-us/

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