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SAUSALITO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It starts at the top. Leaders set the vision and the direction. Leaders need to know themselves and the systems they are part of to be most effective and draw in others to follow.

Nene Burns is an executive coach specializing in leadership development. Since 1998, Nene has worked with executives in hospitality, financial healthcare, advertising, entertainment. In her business, Nene sees clients as humans first and industry leaders, technical experts and artists after.

“We all have strengths and blind spots, areas we need to work on,” says Nene. “What I really am interested in are the decisions we made way back when we are children that are still running our lives, the patterns we’ve developed are no longer sufficient.”

Culture is formed by what leaders pay attention to and reward. Unfortunately, “many organizations have fallen into a culture of heroic leadership, where the leader is expected to have all the answers and seem in control at all times.”

“It matters what the motivation for the leadership is,” says Nene. “I help leaders understand it’s okay for them to not know the answer and that showing vulnerability is actually a strength. Other perspectives are needed and valid.”

According to Nene, leadership begins with self-awareness. “When I am aware of my own patterns, I can know if I am reacting or responding. From here, there is also room to see the context or environment and how that is impacting my behavior and actions. Then I can start building my awareness capacity through reflection, taking perspectives and seeking perspectives.”

Of course, awareness does not equal change. It takes practice. “What I care about is catalyzing growth in leaders,” says Nene. She helps leaders develop through a Three Types of Intelligence Approach – Emotional, Contextual and Cognitive Intelligence.

“You will become more successful as a leader when it becomes less about you, and more about the people working for you and how you support them,” says Nene. “Strong leaders understand how to engage people: they invest in them personally and professionally; they want people to succeed on all levels. They encourage dialogue. It’s a whole person approach.”

Close Up Radio will feature Nene Burns in an interview with Jim Masters on April 6th at 12pm EST

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