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How to Use the EssentialRx™ Card and How to Search for Medications

Equalizing Access: EssentialRx™ free service is designed to equalize access and fairness by leveling the playing field for everyone.”

— MD Graham

USA, March 31, 2021 / — How to Use the EssentialRx™ Card

Since there is no app to download, members just click on the virtual card on the website, take a snapshot on their smartphone and save as a photo to show the pharmacy each time members are about to purchase their prescriptions. Or, the card may be printed.

Searching for Medications and Pricing on EssentialRx™ is Easy

Just go to the Menu at the top of our website and click on “Drug Search/Pricing.” Type out a drug name and it will automatically ask for the quantity and zip code and distance. Then, click “Get Price,” and it will list all pharmacies in that area, the Distance, the Brand Price and the Generic Price. It is user-friendly.

No App to Download

EssentialRx™ service is not an app. Our virtual card on our site is simply saved on any smartphone as a photo to show the pharmacy each time prescriptions are purchased.

Identities and Privacy are Protected

Since we do not use an app, we protect our member’s identities by not collecting names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or any other identifying information. Our members are anonymous, so all identities are fully protected. We also do not track any person and we do not track cookies from our website.

Women – Our Cause

EssentialRx™ is a free prescription discount service committed to serving, acknowledging, recognizing and respecting women. As a result, women make up the majority of our members. This is our cause and how we differentiate.

EssentialRx™ Social Mission

EssentialRx™ Social Mission is to make a positive impact on society and change people’s lives with kindness, respect and equalizing access to our free service that provides better prescription discounts for all individuals and families and being inclusive to the people who really need it. EssentialRx™ is where everyone belongs.

Equalizing Access: There are millions of good people who still do not have access to serious prescription discounts. EssentialRx™ free service is designed to equalize access and fairness by leveling the playing field for everyone. A place where everyone is welcome. At EssentialRx™, everyone has dignity, everyone has respect and everyone has access.

How EssentialRx™ Differentiates from Other Services

Privacy Notice: As opposed to other services, EssentialRx™ is not an app and does not request your name, email address, phone number or any other form of identification and we do not track.

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