Epileptic Factory Presenting First Ever Album: A New Approach to House, Dubstep & Midtempo

Photo of the founders of the Epileptic Factory standing in front of plain background with sunglasses on.

The founders of the Epileptic Factory

Epileptic Factory is releasing their first-ever EP. Have you ever thought of what happens if you mix house, dubstep & midtempo? Well, they call it Night Juice!

Have you ever thought of what happens if you mix house, dubstep, and midtempo? Well, we call it: Night Juice!”

— Thomas Njå Skånvik

BERGEN, VESTLAND, NORWAY, March 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — This Friday (26th of March) Epileptic Factory will release their first-ever EP made by their founders, N.jay, SubPhex & Zpox. Have you ever thought of what happens if you mix house, dubstep, and midtempo? Well, they call it: Night Juice! N.jay’s rocking that house, Subphex’s headbanging to that dubstep & Zpox flows with the midtempo. Together they have made a collection of songs showcasing the creative freedom and diversity they stand for. Night Juice as well as the rest of Vol. 1 Alpha, will be out on Spotify and all major streaming services this Friday!

The artists:

Norwegian N.jay started his chapter into electronic music after he got to try playing on vinyl back in 2011, this caused a spark in his interest in electronic music. Growing up he would play random music from the collection at home, play video games like Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Guitar Hero, and simply sing like a madman when he was home alone. N.jay makes a variety of music, but mainly it has something funky and housey to it.

SubPhex is an electronic music producer specializing in Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Not limiting himself to genres & styles; his main goal is to evolve each track to be different. To explore mixing different genres, styles, and vibes from different periods of time, in order to create new modern bass-heavy genre hybrids. Walking on the brink of melodic & fierce; the contrast of having different vibes and emotions is a strong pursuit of SubPhex. There is never quite knowing how a song may evolve and change into something different, and what types of style influences the track is going to be hit with.

Zpox brings that fresh electronic music that makes granny dance while cooking! The exciting sounds from Zpox take you on a journey with good vibes to heavy deep bass. His musical journey started as a teenager where he invested most of his time studying music production!

About us
Epileptic Factory, based in Bergen, Norway, is a music collective started by N.jay and Zpox back in 2019. It all started with a good drink and a dream to create a place where they could work together and release their own and others’ music. Fast forward to January 2021 the third member of the team, SubPhex joined them. Together they are working towards making Epileptic Factory greater.

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